Best 5 Couples Therapy Retreat in Arkansas

Relationships may seem difficult and feel like hard work, but if handled and managed in the right way, are rewarding sources of joy and happiness.

Couples therapy or marriage counseling is meant to improve your relationship with your partner to reinforce your commitment to loving each other, and sharing life together in love, truth, and respect.

Relationship difficulties and conflicts affect not just the couple, but their families, friends, and even business partners. However, when they engage in counseling, they find a healthy way to work through their problems, understand their conflicts or difficulties better, and lead to clearer and more honest communication.

It may seem dark and gloomy at first, when you and your partner are not looking at each other anymore, you don’t talk nor share a bed in the same room, or there is deep resentment for one another. Worry not, there’s a glimmer of hope.

This is why we put together a list of top 5 couples retreat spots in Arkansas.

Arkansas Relationship Counseling center

This outpatient counseling center gives couples on the brink of divorce two special programs namely, the Discernment Counseling program, which targets couples who may be considering divorce but are not sure.

The second is the Hopeful Spouse Counseling program, which is ideal for couples where one partner has asked for a divorce, or are leaning towards the divorce but are not ready to participate in couple counseling.

Many couples fall in either of the two stages thus the programs help answer pertinent questions and deal with any doubts or negative thoughts. The center specializes in relationship dynamics in married and divorced couples, with programs covering affair recovery, conflict resolution, relationship building, divorce transition and forgiveness.

Arkansas Christian Counseling

At the Arkansas Christian counseling center, couples seeking help with their marriages can benefit from therapeutic sessions rooted in the Judeo-Christian heritage, and biblical teachings.

Sessions are broken down into different phases, the first being the assessment phase where the couple share with the counselor what brought them to counseling, after which they receive recommendations on the way forward. Should the therapist feel the need for further counseling, then sessions thereafter address hurts and underlying layers of issues, then redirects the couple’s focus from their past to the future.

Inventory tests are taken by the couple and results help customize the sessions to suit the couple’s needs on their journey to recovery.

Better Life Counseling Center

At the Better Life Counseling Center (BLCC), counseling is rooted in growth, and its unique approach integrates spirituality in the therapeutic process. Aspects that enhance the growth in relationships include healing past wounds, developing coping skills and pursuing desired goals.

BLCC therapists assess and explore beliefs and values, and they strongly believe in the power of reconciliation encouraging couples to embrace openness, humility, commitment, forgiveness and honesty to realize healing and growth despite their challenges.

Pinnacle Counseling

This center’s approach also views therapy as a process of growth, warmth, genuineness, and collaboration. Before any counseling begins, therapists first establish an open, encouraging and supportive environment to ensure the couple is comfortable and feel welcome, then guide them through a process of communication and discovery of what works, what hasn’t worked and what can be done for a stronger, deeper and fulfilling relationship.

Couples who want their marriages to work come ready to make it happen and this attitude works magic on their relationship from the first session, as they quickly manifest signs of improvement, while seeing the fruits of marriage counseling on the issues they struggle with.

Positive impacts on marriages lead to extra benefits such as improved physical health, job performance and overall improvement on their family life as well.


Capstone’s issue-driven therapy approach helps couples create a customized approach to their relationship, built on the foundation of the Christian Intimacy Theory that posits: every person is created by God, in His image, to love, and be loved at a core-to-core intimacy level.

Drawing from this foundation, Capstone therapists help clients unearth areas of their lives that prevent them from developing an intimate relationship with God, their spouse, family and friends. These issues include marital crisis, relationship problems, and family related issues such as parenting conflict.

The process to healing and restoration begins by focusing on the symptomatic behaviors, retracing the vine to the roots’ and healing the causes underneath the struggles. Their mission is summed up as: Healing past wounds, Embracing present opportunities and Redeeming future potential.