Top 5 Couples Retreat Intensive in Maryland

If you happen to be researching Marriage retreats, it might be safe to assume that you are trying to work on or save your marriage with your spouse.

If you are interested in going to the very best marriage intensives in the entire United States, we’ve complied a list of the Top 50 Marriage Counseling Retreats here, however if you are only looking for retreats in the state of Maryland continue reading this page all the way through.

We have taken the liberty of streamlining the process of reviewing and rating marriage retreats in the state of Maryland for you.

We realize that every couple is different and may have their own set of issues they wish to work on which is exactly why we’ve ranked each facility; best being #1 and last being #5.

Each couple’s retreat is different and might offer different types of programs. For example, one retreat might offer a program that tends to have more of an emphasis on sex when that might not be something you personally want, hence the streamlining process we use to make it easier for you to find what you need.


#1 The Marriage Restoration Project

Location: Baltimore, MD Company Website:

There a lot of things to like about the Marriage Restoration Project that’s why they are ranked #19 on our comprehensive list of the Top 50 Marriage Intensive Retreats in The U.S.

When I first entered the site, what struck me was all the major endorsements from huge corporations like CNN, Huffington Post, Redbook, Fox news and Readers Digest. It seems a little more spiritual which can prove to be a very beneficial thing to some couples as a course of treatment , on the road to recovery in their marriage.

I would say their website is about a 7 on the user-friendly scale. 10 being the best I’ve ever seen! (I judge harshly when it comes to Tech!) There’s No section where you can contact a handler of your case and personally I prefer it to be that way simply because sometimes people some want to be asked a ton of questions, so this is a downside to their website, unfortunately. You have to fill out a questionnaire and someone will be in touch with you, I’m assuming, shortly right after you’re done.


#2 Fan The Flame Dates

Location: Sandy Cove, MD  Company Website:

Fan The Flame marriage intensives are conducted at several locations across Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. For Maryland residents the intensives are held a couples times a month at the very beautiful Sandy Cove, MD.

Ranked #39 on our list of the top 50 marriage counseling retreats in the U.S., Fan The Flame is a three day group format intensive designed to help couples address problematic issues.

This particular retreat is a Christ centered, bible focused group intensive. The curriculum is perfect for christian couples who lack intimacy, and desire more connection with their spouse, while also getting biblical inspiration and guidance.

#3 Angela Voegele Clinical Social Worker

Location: Gaithersburg, MD  Company Website:

Angela Voegele (M.S.W) Is a therapist with great communication skills, in addition to English being her primary language she also speaks in German fluently and conversational in French. “She enjoys the rare distinction of being one of a handful of professionals worldwide who is both a Gottman Certified Couples Therapist and a Board-Certified Sex Therapist.

She has great references and testimonials on her website and her website itself, starts off at the top of a very long introduction into what the retreat does, not as user friendly as I’ve personally seen from other sites, however, this site gets it’s point across.

Once you reach the bottom of this website it will give you a “contact” link which will then take you to the “intake coordinator” who is responsible for getting yourself and your spouse signed up for this 2-day retreat. His name is Daniel Dashnaw, (MS., MA, MFT) Once he’s done getting you signed up you will have reached the end of your process… that is until you finally meet together at this retreat which will be one weekend long.

This retreat prides itself on being scientifically accurate and the tools they bring to bear are purely scientific in nature. For example: “The Tools We Use Predict Divorce with Over 90% Accuracy!”

“These findings span 40+ years of research with over 3,000 couples. They’ve taught us remarkable things…like a predictable pattern of marital decline. We’ll motivate you to take action, focus on what’s wrong, and show you how to change it FAST. It’s personally tailored to just you two. It makes a huge difference to the way you love”. This was a quote taken directly from their website which was located right at the top of their page so they make it very clear right off the bat that they use science as their main tool to help you which can be great if you happen to be a non-spiritual couple and I do know that spirituality is very important to some couples.

#4 Sandy Cove Marriage Retreat

Location: Sandy Cove, MD  Company Website:

Sandy Cove Ministries is a christian organization that has a variety of activities and events for the whole family. From summer camps to weekend date nights, Sandy Cove Ministries offer many different events geared towards the christian families.

They offer weekend intensives that is ran by the Fan The Flame Dates organization. They also have uplifting speaker that do hold events each day you are there, which is a weekend, much like most retreats. Christians believe that in order to have a healthy marriage, the husband and wife MUST have time together to spend quality time together without the distractions of everyday life and that’s essentially the idea behind this retreat.

Much like number two on this list this retreat will also focus deeply on spiritually, more specifically toward Christian couples. It’s called Sandy Coves and as far as I can tell, this particular website is the most user-friendly so far. If I happen to find a better one I will of course make the appropriate changes.

Most sites I focus on, I have to actually leave my contact info in order to get a hold of someone who might be in charge of the retreats but this one is much easier, I defiantly give this facility an A in user-friendly applications on their web site. Bold statement I know but feel free to not take my word for it and see for your self, I’ve provided links to every site I’ve gone through. I’m happy to say with this particular site I’m able to give a lot more than just “links” to the websites.

Sandy Cove Ministries

60 Sandy Cove Road
North East, MD 21901

Email: Email:

Toll Free: 800.234.COVE (2683)

Local Phone: 410.287.5433

Fax: 410.287.3196


#5 Frank Gunzburg, Ph.D.

Locaction: Baltimore, Maryland, 21208 Company Website:

According to his website: Dr. Frank Gunzburg Ph.d. is a licensed psychologist that has been practicing for over 35 years as a marriage counselor in Baltimore, Maryland.

He give’s a day by day break down of what his retreats look like and what to expect. He charges $260/Hour or $2,600 for the entire marriage retreat and his marriage retreats are usually about an extended weekend long… so about 3 days. He has an entire section on his website devoted to just reviews and testimonials.

He is very straightforward, at least that is the impression I’ve gotten from his website. Not to mention his experience in this field. He is located at 1314 Bedford Avenue, Suite 113, Baltimore, Maryland, 21208 and this is his web page: