Best Relationship Counseling Retreat in Missouri

Finding your true love is probably one of life’s greatest achievements for many people who have endured singlehood.

When the relationship is sealed in the context of marriage, the couple commits to make their relationship work because there will be both high and low moments they will have to face together.

One of the great ways to get a refreshing time in your relationship, away from life’s daily hassles is taking a retreat as a couple.

After writing a detailed article on the Top 50 Marriage Intensive Retreats in The U.S. we have now turned our focus on ranking the best married couples retreat by state.

Missouri have several therapy retreats for couples, we list the very best from 1 thru 5.

#1 Branson Retreat Center

Location: Branson, Missouri Website:

Branson Retreat Center operated by the Focus on The Family organization is currently ranked #12 on our detailed list of The Best 50 Couples Intensive Retreats in The U.S.

Set in the heart of Ozark Mountains in Branson, Missouri, the center offers a conducive and peaceful environment to let couples settle down and focus on building and making their relationship stronger, while reflecting on the way forward.

The center offers marriage intensive programs from between 3 – 5 days, and marriage enrichment events for couples on the go. Prices range from $3,950 and $8,950 for an all-inclusive weekend retreat.

What better way to escape from life’s daily distractions and focus on the most important relationship in your life, than by taking a retreat to the mountain area of Missouri. During your time there, you and your partner will unwind, feel refreshed and reconnect. It’s a timeless refuge for your marriage.

#2 Gottman Couples Workshop program

Location: Greater St. Louis, Missouri Website:

Couples looking for a short but intensive marriage therapy program can take advantage of the Gottman Couples Workshop program.

This is based on the work of Dr. John Gottman, who studied over 3,000 couples in his more than forty years of research on what really makes relationships work. The Art of Science and Love Workshop is designed to teach couples what successful couples do to enhance and foster romance and harmony in their relationships, such as building fondness, admiration, and closeness, conflict management, and important communication skills.

A special feature of these workshops is the private exercises each couple works on designed to address their real-life challenges. Certified Gottman therapists assist the couples with their exercises in this psycho-educational workshop, while upholding the highest level of confidentiality and ethics of public disclosure.

#3 Smalley Institute

Location: Hollister, Missouri Website:

Since 1991, thousands of couples have gone through the marriage therapy programs at the Smalley Institute, which was set up to assist couples in crisis.

After careful studies on the failures of traditional marriage therapy, the institute recognized the fact that couples were not improving, thus came up with a program to save the state of marriage in the United States. Their marriage intensive model, Smalley Marriage Intensive, is designed to help couples struggling with communication in marriage and intimacy, thus they give couples direction on how to bring back the joy and passion their marriages once enjoyed.

Couples receive one-on-one intensive help to get to the deeper issues in their marital union, and offers the tools they need to improve communication and reignite passion back into their union.

#4 St. Louis Wellness Center

Location: Missouri Website:

Depending on the depth of the issues in your marriage, the St. Louis Wellness center provides therapy from a few sessions to a few months.

The center cites the common issues that their counseling program resolves including anger, fighting, bickering, communication difficulties, sexual problems, money and financial disagreements, conflict over parenting, blended family issues, divorce, domestic violence and substance abuse among others. Both partners also benefit from individual therapy, which seeks to resolve any issues from their past stemming from family or negative issues from past relationships.

#5 True Vine Christian Services

Location: St. Louis, Missouri

Couples looking for Christian counseling services can find their spiritual haven at True Vine Christian Services. They provide professional counseling and education services based on biblical principles, focused on equipping couples with tools to succeed in marriage. Their comprehensive approach assures couples of hope and freedom regardless of their status, in order to experience freedom from the past, help for the present and hope for the future. Couples can expect 100% confidentiality from the qualified team of counselors, who will discuss with the partners their goals in a 45 minute therapeutic session, with a follow up plan in weekly sessions from three hours depending on the clients’ needs.