Top 5 Marriage Therapy Retreat in Oregon

Let’s face it, Marriage gets difficult. After the wedding night and honeymoon, life starts to get in the way. Between building careers, raising children, and maintaining interests and hobbies, it can become stressful to juggle so many balls in the air at one time.

We are going to look at the top five helpful marriage retreats in Oregon based on price, available counselors, and counseling available to the couple.

1. Portland Relationship Center

Location: Portland Oregon Company Website:

One of the top marriage retreats in Oregon is also one of the best in the country holding the #23 spot on our comprehensive list of the 50 best marriage saving retreats in the United States. The Portland Relationship Center is a really good retreat to attend if your marriage is in crisis.

Norene Gonsiewski, MSC, LCSW, who is the founder of Portland Relationship Center has been seeing individuals and couples since 1980.

She specializes in relationships and helps to heal the pain from infidelity. She also knows the stress that can be put on a marriage from the illness of a chronically ill child.

She offers to help face the adversity and to grow in strength with loved ones. She offers both couples counseling and coaching as well as workshops to help a couple in difficult relationship to grow.

Couples workshops are offered on specific dates and are available at various locations throughout the state of Oregon. Pricing is $750 for these workshops and a telephone consultation is needed for couples sessions.

2. Freedom Counseling Center

Location: Portland, Oregon Company Website:

You can find Freedom Counseling Center at 10011 SE Division, Suite 307 in Portland, Oregon. Michael D. Wade, Ph.D., Linda Gossling, M.S., R.N., PHMNP, and Georgianna Wade, M.A., all have a love of helping couples.

The three day intensive is a private session and deals with developing skills to communicate effectively in a relationship as well as identifying roles in a cultural and spiritual sense. Costs can be assessed by contacting them directly.

3.River Ridge Counseling

Location: Sandy, Oregon Company Website:

River Ridge Counseling resides in the lower level of the Schuler Building in Sandy, Oregon. They have four counselors ready to assist in marriage needs: David Wenzel, Ph,D., LPC, Hollis Maclean Wenze, M.S., LMFT, Deborah Johnson, M.A., LPC, and Chris Cleaver, M.A., LPC.

They are all licensed and have backgrounds in family counseling. The marriage intensives offered range from long-standing undealt with issues to an huge breach of trust in the relationship.

The intensive is beneficial to identify and reach down into the depths of an issue and work on resolutions and understanding between couples.

The cost for a one day intensive is $2500. Two days costs $4500 and for three days you are looking at $6500. Lodging is available close to the Schuler building.

4. Barbara Massey

Location: Medford, Oregon Company Website:

Barbara Massey, LMFT, is located at 107 East Main Street, Suite 29 in Medford, Oregon. Barbara has a heart for assisting couples through the rough issues of healing past hurts and restoring faith based connections.

Using relationship counseling approaches, she focuses on communication skills and regrowing joy in a relationship that has become distant or where there has been broken trust.

She offers 3 six-hour days of session time and also offers adult homework with a follow-up program to ensure a lasting relationship boost. Fees for the intensive sessions can be discussed on an initial call for assessment.

5.Kate Mcnulty

Location: Portland, Oregon Company Website:

Kate McNulty, LCSW, Gottman Certified Therapist, of can be found at The Jeffrey Center, 1020 SW Taylor Street, Suite 366 in Portland, Oregon.

She has been specializing in relationship issues and helping couples for over ten years. She helps provide ideas and relational guides to stop detrimental behaviors and helps to identify and build beneficial behaviors.

She offers weekend intensives with an advanced accelerated assessment after which there is an extensive session the following Sunday from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. that deals with concerns such as identifying emotional expression and working as an effective team.

She offers a private retreat as well. Her general fees are based on the time of the day. For sessions before 2:30 p.m. prices are $160 for a 50 minute session to $260 for an 85 minute session.

For sessions needed after 2:30 p.m., prices increase to $200 for a 50 minute session up to $325 minutes for an 85 minute session.

So There it is, our top five intensive marriage retreats in the great state of Oregon. I hope its helps to shed some light on where to find help if it is needed. Keep hanging on and good luck!