5 Best Couples Retreat Intensive in Washington State

Are you experiencing low moments in your marriage? Is there a lack of intimacy, boredom or emotional disconnect with your spouse.

Before you throw in the towel, and head for divorce, what if I tell you that your marriage is salvageable through intense counseling in the form of a weekend marriage intensive.

It’s true that a simple two or three day marriage retreat can absolute change the direction of your marriage for the better.

Dividing up assets in divorce court isn’t fun, and it is very costly, so why not do everything that you possibly can to help save your marriage.

If you are reading this, your marriage absolutely can be saved through intense counseling, but you have to initiate the change by attending a highly effective couples intensive.

To help separate the really good intensives from the bad ones, we’ve listed the best 5 marriage retreats in the state of Washington.

If you don’t mind traveling out of state, we’ve also compiled an overall list of the 50 best marriage counseling retreats in the entire U.S. here.

Here are the very best retreats (#1 thru #5) in the state of Washington:

1. Gottman Institute 2 day Couples’ Retreat

Location: Orcas Island, WA
Company Website: www.gottman.com
Cost: $7,500 per couple

The Gottman Institute, ranked #7 on our comprehensive list of The 50 Best Couples Counseling Retreats in the U.S., is one of the best intensives in the entire state of Washington.

This retreat is a two day, small group setting. You’ll be there with seven other couples, who share the same goal as you do, which is complete restoration of your marriage.

The registration cost is $7,500 per couple and does not include meals, travel and lodging. We recommend the Gottman Institute because they have a really good reputation working with couples.

If you live in the Washington State don’t let your marriage end in divorce when you could have gotten help by attending a Gottman’s couples retreat.

Under the expert guidance of Dr. John Gottman and his Julie Schwartz Gottman, you will learn how to communicate effectively with  your spouse, resolve conflicts and overcome very difficult issues in your marriage.

Located in the very beautiful Orcas Island, Washington, the Gottman Institute couples retreat is truly unique and will help improve your marriage relationship.

Some couples may not be able to afford this highly sought after retreat, but if you can afford it, we highly recommend that you book as soon as possible as they fill up fast.

2. Hold Me Tight

Location: Seattle, WA
Company Website: www.holdmetightseattle.com
Cost: $749 per couple

Take the troubles out of your married life by opting-in for a couples workshop offered by Hold Me Tight in Seattle, WA. Get yourself super-charged with the couples workshop designed to bring both of you closer like you were during your honeymoon days. Revive the spark and revitalize the couple bond.

Dr. Sue Johnson takes care of the weekend workshops that are arranged in the downtown Seattle, Washington. They also give you free perks such as one follow-up private session at no additional fee.

Starting up at the $749 Early Bird Price per couple, the program will revive your relations for better. It’s worth considering their marriage retreat program that addresses your situation very effectively.

3. Marriage Recovery Center Inc

Location: Bainbridge Island, WA

Feeling nowhere to go after facing a crisis in your relations? Don’t let the rift wide apart your married life. Head to Marriage Recovery Center, Inc that is offering intensive marriage counseling packages to connect you both eternally the way you were at the time of the wedding.

They have doctorate or masters level therapists in their team who are good at cementing the ties again. They have 2-Day Package for $2900, 3-Day Package for $3900 and total Recovery Package for $6500 to put your married life back onto the track. Spend a quality time on Bainbridge Island to take your relation to the next level. You will love those blissful moments together watching leisure activities on the Island.

4. Compass Community Counseling, LLC & Whole Health

Location: Vancouver, WA

With 3-day marriage intensive retreat, Compass Community Counseling, LLC will help you cement the gap in your relations. With Vancouver’s highly qualified marriage and family therapists Erica London and Marissa Talarico, you will get the complete hold of your marriage relations to set them right. Their intensive marriage retreat programs focus on kicking out the anxiety and stress related to anything that has become a cause of every day conflicts in marital life. At the end of the 3-day retreat program in Vancouver, WA, you will be newer you that will bring the cheer and will put an end to all worries in your married life. Couples counseling sessions start from $130 per 60-minute session and so on. Just check with them for the updated info on pricing.

5. Integrity Counseling Center

Location: Vancouver, WA

Have you lost that attraction in him/her over a period of time? Don’t let this issue become a reason of your separation. Stop those annoying arguments from entering your bedroom and starve you out of your sound sleep. Integrity Counseling Center has got a magic wand on its hands that work to keep marital issues away from your married life. Their 3-hour Intensive Couples Therapy just for $390 could help you get better ties with your partner.

Their renowned experts Megan Taylor, LMHCA and Jasmine Schupp, LMHCA could let you get connected with your partner once again. By leveraging this program, you will gain a better understanding with your partner to have a healthy relationship. Don’t let yourself to be a victim of arguments that take a serious turn at times and you will never know when. Invest in a healthy relationship with your partner by consulting with a professional.