Revealing The Best 5 Couples Retreat Intensive in California

Weekend marriage intensives are just what the Doctor ordered for couples looking for relatively quick results as it is really effective in repairing hurt from infidelity and past hurts.

Couples who attend a retreat will see growth in communications and conflict resolution skills, as well as growth in intimacy.

While the traditional weekly counseling sessions can take up to 6 months to uncover  deep rooted issues, attending a couples’ retreat can do it in a single weekend as the sessions are extremely intense and highly focused.

Weekend intensives are so effective and so powerful that we put together a comprehensive list of The Best 50 Weekend Intensives in The Entire U.S. Here.

However we soon realized that not every couple can afford to fly out to some of the more affluent, and renowned retreats on our top 50 list.

For that reason, we compiled a list of the five best weekend intensives in the state of California below.

1) Healing Couples Retreats with John Grey

Location: Sonoma County, CA
Company Website:

One of the most unique and effective marriage-saving retreats in the industry is Healing Couples Retreats. This retreat has such a good reputation that they are currently  ranked #3 on our comprehensive list of The Best 50 Marriage Intensives in the Entire U.S.

Led by Dr. John Grey for over 25 years now, this retreat program is based on neuroscience and attachment research. His extensive training in cognitive and behavioral psychology and broad background in neurology helps determine the underlying problems of couples.

Costs: $8850 for a 3-day Private Retreat. 4-day or 5-day retreats are proportionally priced. Not included: Travel, meals, and accommodation

Testimony: “You saved our relationship. We really couldn’t have done it without you. We were stuck and could not have come through it without your help. As far as we are concerned, you saved the relationship.” O and S.

2) Life Marriage Retreats

Location: San Diego, California
Company Website:

Another top-rated program, Life Marriage Retreats is currently ranked #6 on our list of the 50 best couples’ retreat in the United States. Their focus is building and working on what they call as foundational relationship principles such as Time, Place, Learning, Support, and Commitment.

This might seem basic but people continue to give positive reviews about their program. Another thing to note is their AfterCare program where a LIFE staff will continue working with them after they finish their Private Session program.

Costs: Up to $9,495 including all meals, private sessions, lodging, and AfterCare sessions.

Testimonial: “We have spent considerable time in marriage counseling, but we accomplished far more in the four-day LIFE Retreat than we ever did in counseling. We felt safe with one another and with Margo and Gerry and this led to our walls coming down and a new relationship being rebuilt.” Andy

3) Relationship Lifeline

Location: Orange County, CA
Company Website:

For around 2 decades now, Relationship Lifeline, led by Tina Konkin and her late husband Ron, have been saving relationships and broken families. They are known for their unique approach that focuses on the emotional aspect of marriage, revealing a deeper level of appreciation in a relationship.

Costs: $795/person with AfterCare

Testimonial: “Almost 7 years later, the Relationship Lifeline is still seen as a life-changing experience in our home! We are celebrating our 25th anniversary this year, with 3 grown children & 5 grandchildren.” Dan and Leslie

4) Sonoma Couples Retreat

Location: 735 Center St, Sonoma, CA 95476
Company Website:

If you want a taste of paradise as you try to fix your marriage, you better visit Marianne Harms’ retreat center. They have a unique take on it as they give you exclusive and private access to their garden cottage while you spend the day getting counsel, one couple at a time.

Costs: $3,500

Testimonial: “You have changed our lives forever. I know you tell us that we did the work, but you guided us.” T G. and C G.

5) Amore Retreat

Location: Pine Crest Ave, Idyllwild, CA 92549
Company Website:

If you’re looking for a cozy place to stay and achieve that ultimate soul-searching trip, this place is for you. Led by Dr. Wylie, they’ve come up with these objectives that are necessary for healing strained and broken relationships: Time, Setting, Knowledge, Sustain, and Dedication. It’s a total package for the ultimate life-changing trip because of the nature surrounding it. You will definitely enjoy!

Costs: $4,500 for a 5-day stay.

Testimonial: “Couple’s Intensive Retreat appeared to be what we needed, since we had lost trust, and had lack of respect and equality, along with control issues.” Helen and Mark