Best Five Marriage Counseling Retreat in Virginia

Life is a series of highs and lows, ups and downs. Sometimes life is smooth sailing and we are happy, at peace and relaxed.

But, there are the turbulent times when life becomes rough and somewhat unbearable, we feel bad, sad, anxious, hurt, stressed, confused and beaten down.

If you’re going through the latter, overwhelmed and dealt a major blow by a season of turbulence in your own individual and relationship life, it is highly recommended that you seek support, a helping hand, a time out.

With the right support, you can get the desired restoration for yourself, your partner and your relationship for a happier and healthier marriage.

Here are our picks for the top 5 couples therapy retreats in the state of Virginia. For our overall list of the best 50 marriage intensives in the United States read it here.

The Relationship Foundation of Virginia

Location: Richmond, Virginia
Company Website:

Dedicated to building healthy relationships and strong families, the Relationship Foundation of Virginia (RVFA) is a trusted resource for relational wellness programs and is ranked #16 on our list of the top 50 marriage counseling retreats in the U.S.

RVFA, formerly First Things First of Greater Richmond, is built on four foundation pillars that shape their teaching programs and build on their mission to build healthy relationships and strong families.

The foundation believes in being purpose-driven, proactive, practical and playful in their approach to programs and outreach. Through their Spice It Up program, RVFA allows couples to interact with other couples and in house chefs for a fun night of group cooking, eating and exciting relationship ideas. It is also a way for couples to open up about sex, while introducing spicy ingredients in the bedroom.

RVFA’s creative and interactive date night program offers couples the option of a free or pay-for-play experience each month, as a fun, entertaining yet significant reminder of why couples need to work together, while providing practical skills to build and strengthen their relationship.

Northern Virginia Integrative Therapy Center

Location: Lansdowne, Virginia
Company Website:

Like gardens, marriages need to be constantly nourished and watered to ensure a natural flow of communication and understanding In order to create and maintain a successful working relationship between the two partners.

In extremely difficult situations, either or both partners may feel the need to move away or separate, whether temporarily or permanently, but this is not necessarily the best solution. In times like these, the couple needs an external support, from expert hands that give tailor-made guidance unique to the couple’s needs.

This is why the Northern Virginia Integrative Therapy Center was established. Founded by Dr. Suzanne Nixon, who is specially trained in complementary and alternative therapies, the center offers a myriad of therapeutic and counseling options to its clients, based on a holistic approach to mind, body and spirit. Areas of specialization include couples therapy, walk and talk therapy, depression and anxiety, stress related issues and disorders, life transitions, self-identity and redefinition, as well as purpose discovery, among others.

The Hope Couples Project

Location: Virginia Beach, Virginia
Company Website:

The Hope Couples Project offers couples a low cost, short term strategic approach, couple enrichment program uniquely tailored to the couple’s needs, which includes the religious needs, regardless of the couple’s religious tradition.

Couples commit to 40 hours on their relationship, translating to 8 – 12 weeks of counseling with 3 hours focusing on the relationship. Couples get to do assignments together, with rewarding moments such as date nights to enhance and improve communication between the partners.

Meetings are held at the center’s offices on Regent University campus on appointment basis, which can be scheduled on weekdays or in the evenings. Each session costs $40, but couples with financial need are considered for a sliding scale option on the first session.

Well Marriage Center

Location: Multiple Locations in Virginia
Company Website:

Set in five different locations in Virginia, with two others in Wilmington and Bethseda, the Well Marriage Center offers specialized marriage counseling, coaching and wellness programs in a marriage-friendly, strengths-based approach, designed for modern marriages. The center offers a free 15 minute phone consultation for either partner to let the counselor know their needs and goals for seeking help. Services offered include affair recovery, sexless marriage therapy, individual counseling, divorce adjustment, communication 101 class among others.

Marriage and Family Therapy center

Location: Galax, Virginia
Company Website:

Founded in 2004 by Mr. Lindberg, the Marriage and Family Therapy center offers marriage counseling services, as well as counseling in grief, anxiety, and depression. Lindberg, who is also a certified addictions counselor, has over 14 years clinical experience as a Licensed Marriage and Family therapist, and more than two decades as a counselor.