The 5 Best Couples Counseling Retreat in Colorado

Marriage intensive retreat programs devote a weekend or longer to focus on the issues troubling your marriage and also give you and your partner time away together to reconnect and resolve these problems.

They are often an eye-opening and powerful opportunity to gain control of the direction your marriage is taking and redirect your energies towards your individual and shared goals.

In Colorado you can find quite a few marriage intensive retreats however, you may be confused as to which one will be best for you and your spouse.

We have taken some of the guesswork out of the task of finding the best marriage intensive programs with the following list of the five top marriage retreats in Colorado.

The list is based on features of the program, cost and reported effectiveness from past clients who have reviewed the program. It is in no particular order but should help you determine the program which will have the most benefit for you and your partner.

1. Cornerstone Marriage and Family Ministries

Location: Multiple locations in US Website:

The first retreat is offered by Cornerstone Marriage and Family Ministries. This program is ranked #11 on our list of the Top 50 Marriage Intensive Retreats in The US. This retreat is unique in that it is offered at a spectacular historical castle nestled in the Rocky Mountains where couples can genuinely escape from the day to day norm.

In a lush, fairy tale-like atmosphere couples can find themselves again and breathe new life into their marriage. The castle is called the Glen Eyrie Retreat and Conference Center and is located in Colorado Springs.

Marriage Renewal Retreats are three day, two night programs with the option to add on an additional four weekend post retreat followup and tele-coaching session.

The retreat blends a combination of various guided processes to challenge yourself and learn more about each other with specific activities that challenge you to use the tools that you have learned over the course of the weekend. Cornerstone Marriage and Family Ministry has offered the marriage retreats for more than 21 years and cites an 86% success rate.

2. Rock Your Marriage

Location: Colorado Springs, CO 80907 Website: www.

Another Colorado marriage retreat worth checking out for a slightly unconventional take on the typical marriage intensive programs is available through the Rock Your Marriage organization.

Rock your marriage located in Colorado Springs is ranked #30 on our list of the top 50 counseling intensives in the U.S.

There are three different types of retreats that Rock Your Marriage offers and all involve both relational education as well as physical extracurricular activities which are geared to different areas of focus for couples.

There is the Group Retreat, which is open to up to 20 couples and priced at $349 with lodging and meals included; the Experiential Retreat, which includes trainings and discussions with outdoor activities and courses for couples to participate in and which costs $1474 for the two day, all inclusive package; and finally the Counseling Retreat, a private and tailored two day retreat to meet the individual needs of your specific relationship which also costs $1474 for the two day all inclusive package.

3. Colorado Marital Therapy Intensives

Colorado Marital Therapy Intensives are conducted by Dr. Jay Lindsey with the Rocky Mountains as background for his marriage retreats which he personally leads for three or four day long retreats for couples in crisis.

Dr. Lindsay is a licensed clinical psychologist and licensed marriage and family therapist as well. His Marriage Intensives are targeted to solve problems using his proven approach which is based on a rapid and thorough examination of the real issues behind marriage troubles.

He even has a special program, the Affair Recovery Program, which is designed for overcoming the many issues caused by infidelity. In contrast to the other retreats, this program does not actually provide accommodations but does offer some recommendations for hotels near Dr. Lindsay’s office in Louisville, CO which is where the intensive work takes place.

Dr. Lindsay is a firm believer in the power of his marriage Intensives stating that 95% of his clients are highly satisfied with the quality of their time with him and that 85% of past clients reported their marriage was saved with the aid of his outreach.

4. ChristianCrush

At number four on our list, in Dillon or in Denver, Colorado, there are Marriage Refresh Retreat programs that are offered by ChristianCrush, a Christian based organization. ChristianCrush was founded and is led by Dr. Wyatt Fisher and includes a series of programs focused on improving different aspects of marriages from a Christian standpoint.

Dr. Fisher is a licensed psychologist who experienced troubles in his own marriage which, before he developed the program, was tottering on the brink of divorce but now is strong and healthy. This retreat is actually more of a conference/ workshop which Dr. Fisher says is the equivalent of 6 marriage counseling sessions packed into a one day format.

The cost of the program is $195 per couple which doesn’t include meals or accommodations. This is reportedly a very useful program for many couples and Dr. Fisher offers several of the Marriage Refresh Retreats every year which fill up fairly quickly.

5. The Smalley Institute

The last marriage retreat that is one of the best in Colorado is offered by The Smalley Institute which offers either two or three day Reignite Marriage Intensives led by various relationship coaches. The intensive retreats are packed with one on one sessions that guide couples to learn more about themselves and their marriage and are also given coaching on the ways to express their needs and their love.

The Smalley Institute reports that 99% of former attendees would recommend the program to others. The Reignite Marriage Intensives do not include accommodations but take place in your choice of one of eight locations which include: Denver, CO, Branson, MO, Westerville, OH, Shreveport, LA, Las Vegas, NV, Houston, TX, and Dallas, TX.

There are other marriage retreats in Colorado too but hopefully this list gives you and your spouse a good place to start as you take a step towards restoring the solidity and love to your marriage. Relationships are seldom easy but when the situation feels like it is spiraling out of control, there is help available for your marriage. With the right kind of tools and education along with understanding, determination, and most of all love, there’s certainly no reason to ever think that your marriage is beyond repair.