Top Marriage Counseling Retreat in Indiana

A marital crisis is often fueled by so many different things that it’s sometimes hard to pinpoint exactly where things went wrong.

Alternatively, sometimes the problems build slowly over time and the couple finds themselves in a situation where they no longer recognize their partner and they can’t understand how it got so bad.

Whatever the underlying reason for conflict and disillusion, a marital crisis is also very often a cry for help and sometimes the answers are found at a marriage counseling retreat.

Marriage counseling retreats or intensives are becoming more and more popular which is why you are bombarded with ads if you search for one on google.

To help narrow down your search and present to you with only the retreats that delivers exceptional treatment across a multitude of marital issues, we’ve put together this list of the top five marriage counseling retreats in Indiana.

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1. Relationship Rescue Academy

Location: Kokomo, Indiana
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Our top choice for the best marriage counseling retreat in Indiana is Relationship Rescue Academy. Couples have reported through varies review sites that this company genuinely care, and have helped them rediscover intimacy and emotional connections that were absent for many many years.

This retreat is rated very high on many independent review sites. We have also rated this weekend intensive #1 on our list of the top 50 couples therapy intensive in the United States because they have so many positive reviews from former clients whose marriages in many cases were on a crash course to divorce.

Relationship Rescue is a 1-on-1, private retreat designed to move couples through six months of intense counseling in three or four days.

A licensed marriage therapist will help with healing and expose the root causes of serious marital struggles caused by infidelity, intimacy problems and poor or inadequate communication.

During the retreat, each couple is given the opportunity to discuss their goals and their individual fears and disappointments in private without any other couples around.

Couples are given the complete attention and focus of the therapist who works with them on an individual basis and together, they work on talking about ways the couple can communicate better, deal with past transgressions, heal and take active steps to embrace their future.

One of the other defining features of this retreat is the fact that this is not a group venture but a customized and completely personalized experience for each couple.

There are three different intensive packages listed on their website, all of which include lodging, a pre-consultation tele-conference and materials .

The cost associated with attending a retreat of this magnitude isn’t cheap that’s why we suggest attending a weekly marital counseling program in your local area if you are financially strapped.

However if you can afford it, we recommend Relationship Rescue Academy because they have a very high level of client satisfaction.

The price tag to attend this particular retreat varies depending on the severity of your issue. A 2-day retreat is $2800, 3-day retreat is $3800.

For the most serious cases where one partner has totally checked out emotionally, moved out or have filed for a divorce, we recommend the 4-day complete restoration package for $6500. With this package you really get time to deal with issues individually and as a couple.

2. Couples Therapy, Inc.,

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
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Couples Therapy Inc. hosts its Couples Retreat Indiana Style under the leadership of a certified couples therapist who practices the Gottman Method Couples Therapy.

The Gottman Method has been at work for more than 40 years as a popular science based method for assessing the traits of individuals in a relationship and analyzes the results to determine which areas of their lives need the most work and how are they different.

Every couple is given a detailed assessment test prior to the retreat and the responses are compiled into what Couples Therapy refers to as “The BIG BIG Book”. This assessment is then used throughout the retreat to gain a greater understanding of aspects of the relationship.

The retreats are completely private and start at a cost of $2250 and range all the way up to $4850 (each therapist sets their own pricing based on their level of expertise). Included in this price are the two follow up sessions and payment options are available for those who need it. Couples Therapy, Inc. boasts a 70-92% efficacy with restoring relationships.

3. Smithey Counseling Services

Location: Greenwood, Indiana
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Another marriage retreat which uses the Gottman Method of therapy is offered through Smithey Counseling Services. Their recommended two day retreat includes 12 full hours of therapy over a two day period. The retreats take place in Greenwood, Indiana and are completely private with one therapist per couple.

They are designed for relationships in crisis and include an initial meeting and the option to add on the Relationship Maintenance Package which gives each couple additional follow-up sessions for a period of two years.

The cost of the retreat is $2250 and they also offer alternative retreat packages such as the 2 1/2 day intensive and the 3 to 5 day Destination Intensive where couples can select a vacation spot of their choice. Discounts are offered to certain professionals such as military personnel or educators and for those who want a shorter option, Smithey has even developed a Mini Marathon which is a weeknight workshop for couples who need some quick help and guidance.

4. The Ravines Retreat Center

Location: Dyer, Indiana
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The Ravines Retreat Center is found in the beautiful and secluded woods of Dyer and is a fairly large, rustic style home built on 10 acres with numerous guest suites and cozy amenities.

They offer a Christ-centered relationship therapy which is focused on restoring hope and the presence of God to troubled relationships while taking some time away from the distractions of life. It is an opportunity for couples to rediscover their love and heal past and existing wounds with the Scriptures as a basis for all growth.

The therapy takes place during the five three-hour sessions of deep and honest communication with a Christian marriage therapist over a four day extended weekend. The Retreat Center can host two couples at a time with each couple receiving the attention of one therapist as well as a host couple who attend to the needs of each couple during their stay.

The cost of the retreat includes all lodging and meals as well (and also transportation to and from the airport if requested) and is $3250 however, financial scholarships are available for those in need.

5. Center for Thriving Relationships

Location: Bloomington, Indiana
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A unique perspective and an extremely positive approach to helping couples discover ways in which their relationship can “thrive” is presented by Christine and Bret Eartheart with the Thrive In Love Transformative Retreat.

The Earthearts are the co-founders of the Center for Thriving Relationships and they offer this retreat for couples of all creeds, sexual orientations, and all stages of the relationships, from the newlyweds who want to thrive in their marriages, or the couple on the brink of divorce who decide to give it one last try.

The content of the retreat will be a wide selection of sessions and activities that aim to teach couples new ways to truly thrive in their relationship. Some of the highlights include: learning the Top 10 Relationship Poisons, learning the 3 Relationships Shifts in a marriage, learning the Super Powered Apology and many other tools like these. The retreat takes place at the Tibetan Mongolian Buddhist Cultural Center in Bloomington, IN but there is no religious background for the retreat-the location was chosen because of its beautiful and peaceful setting.

The weekend has a scheduled date of Sept. 30-Oct. 1 and there are other dates planned for the future. The cost of the retreat which includes lodging and meals as well as the activities and workshops is $350 per couple. The retreat is private however in contrast to the other retreats in this list, the Thrive in Love Transformative Retreat is a group based program where other couples will be gathering as well.

When you consider a marriage counseling retreat to help resolve the issues in your marriage, consider the types of issues that you and your spouse may need to work the most on. With this list, you can identify the programs in Indiana that have the focus and which offer the features, tools, and setting that may be most beneficial for your marriage.

These marriage counseling retreats in Indiana are designed for restoring and maintaining love in the relationship, for marriages in trouble, and for couples who seek resolution. Finding the solutions you need only requires your willingness and openness to change so why not take some time to reinvest in your marriage, and strengthen or repair this bond that is such a special and important union.