Top 5 Couples Counseling Retreat in Michigan

Going through relationship or marriage problems without knowing how to proceed or seek help can be very stressful. There is no need for you to have a hard time in trying to find the right place where you can get help.

For that reason we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 couples’ retreats and therapy programs in the state of Michigan. If you want to review our overall list of The Best 50 Couples Intensive Retreat in The Entire U.S. Click Here.

Here are the top 5 marriage counseling retreats in Michigan:

#1. Miracle Camp Marriage Retreat.

Location: Lawton, MI 49065
Company Website:

Miracle Camp is one of the best couples’ retreat in the state of Michigan. So much so, that we’ve ranked this christian organization #49 on our comprehensive list of the top 50 couples counseling retreat in the U.S.

This retreat is a very good place for couples to come and relax as they work through their problems. The environment is very conducive for making couples fall in love over again. The accommodation is top notch since it has comfortable hotel-like facilities. The setting of the camp contributes to the success of the teachings. Couples leave feeling better a d having worked through their problems.

The retreat is carried out by the church. Therefore, it focuses on the teachings of the Bible in regard to marriage. The teachings are based on Gods plan for marriage. This helps individuals understand the concept of marriage from a Christian point of view.

They learn to work on their marriage to fulfill God’s divine purpose. The sessions are light and not strict. There is room for discussion and jokes. This makes it easy for couples to learn and be open to the teachings. It would be difficult to learn them to learn if the teachings were delivered harshly. The sessions provide a chance to hear Gods word speaking truth into your life and marriage. They will give you practical help in communication, forgiveness, trust, and enduring through hard times together.

There are various activities designed to help couples work through their difficulties. These activities will enable you and your partner get the chance to enjoy the weekend and each other.

The sessions are facilitated by Matt and Lanita Boyer. They are both ministers who have worked with the youth, families, married couples. They provide guidance on marriage and teach on various things that make a marriage prosper.

This retreat may work for you if you are a Christian. If you are not, and you do not wish to be told about things you do not believe in, Miracle Camp might not be for you.

#2. Perspectives of Troy.

Location: 888W Big Beaver Road in Troy, Michigan.
Company Website:

It is a counseling center that offers a lot of services. It also offers marriage counseling or couple’s therapy. They also offer counseling on sex therapy, which most people shy away from.

It has professional teams that will attend to your needs. There are a number of therapists and psychiatrists who have specialized in marriage counseling who will help you and your partner resolve your issues. The specialists are assigned to you depending on your needs and goals. This makes it easy for you to achieve what you want as a couple. You can choose a therapist you feel comfortable with who you can both disclose your problems.

The good thing about Perspectives of Troy is the fact that you can call the specialist and get help or visit their centers.

Harry and Christina Brookfield  specializes in marital therapy, couple and pre marital counseling, divorce prevention, intimacy issues, and sex therapy.

This couples therapy does not provide some of the activities that a retreat does.

#3. Lake Ann Camp Retreat.

Location:  18400 Maple Street, Lake Ann Michigan.
Company Website:

This camp has great accommodation, food, and services. Each couple gets a private room that is comfortable. The rooms have sufficient space. This camp allows couples to have a great time and enjoy each other’s company. There is a lot of time for couples to spend together.

There are sessions and activities aimed at helping married couples get through their issues. They offer challenging teachings and practical advice on various aspects of marriage including trust and communication.

Lake Ann Camp in terms of cost is one of our favorites because they don’t nickel and dime you to death.  They offer an all inclusive format where all meals, sessions, activities and accommodations are  included in one price.

#4. Relationship Institute.

Location: 16801, Newburgh Road. Livonia, Michigan.

It offers couple’s counseling and utilizes something called PAIRS. This stands for Practical Application if Intimate Relationship Skills. These skills help couples in creating extraordinary relationships and resolving anger and resentment. They also help couples improve on communication and trust. PAIRS enables people to learn how to talk, listen, and empathize with other people. This makes them better at communicating and resolving conflicts.

#5. Abundant Life Counseling and Seminars.

Location: Main Street Lapeer, Michigan.
Company Website:

It provides counseling services for marriage couples. The reason why it is on the list is because couples are allowed to call and get help. The sessions can be carried on through a phone call.

Luan Jackson, the specialist in charge of couple’s counseling says that counseling people through the phone calls makes it easy for them to open up in a comfortable environment. Therefore, if you do not wish to attend sessions in person, you and your partner can call and get help without leaving the house.

This form of counseling may have limitations and does not provide the chances that a retreat offers.