The Very Best Marriage Intensive Retreats in Ohio

What is a weekend intensive retreat? A marriage intensive depending on your preference comes in either a private or a group setting format.

Intensives are typically 2-4 days in length and it’s usually a more effective approach than that of the traditional weekly or bi-weekly therapy sessions.

Couples are often flabbergasted on how much different an intensive is compared to traditional counseling, which sometimes leave couples feeling stuck and unsatisfied.

Intensives won’t leave you feeling stuck, instead you’ll leave feeling hopeful and more connected to your spouse like you’ve never thought possible.

Below we’ve ranked the very best marriage counseling retreats in the state of Ohio (1 thru 5). Some couples don’t like the idea of traveling out of their home state for therapy… We get that and that’s why we compiled a list of the very best counseling retreats in Ohio.

However if you and your spouse don’t mind traveling, check out our overall list of The 50 Best Marriage Saving Retreats in The Entire U.S. Here.

1. Retrouaille, Statewide

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Location: Retreats are scheduled in multiple locations and dates throughout OH

Ranked #9 on our list of the top 50 couples therapy retreats in the U.S., Retrouaille, an associated Catholic ministry group is a very popular marriage retreat program among Catholics.

This retreat is suitable for all married couples regardless of your beliefs, but if you are looking for a non-religious retreat visit our list of the best 50 marriage retreats here.

It’s worth mentioning that the Retrouaille organization have marriage events that take place throughout the state of Ohio including Cincinnati, Columbus, Toledo, and Cleveland.

The Retrouaille programs cover the entire weekend and are held in various locations organized and scheduled for by the Retrouaille community for your area.

They are conducted similarly to the Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekends with an added emphasis on communication and learning an effective tool to examine your marriage and selves. The program also includes 6-12 post weekend sessions lasting a couple hours or more over a period of three months.

Retrouaille believes that the Post renewal weekend phase is as critical, if not more so, than the renewal weekend itself and is therefore vital for the success of the program. The Retrouaille programs are designed for marriages in crisis and sometimes couples who are already separated attend as well. Other types of couples who attend include those who have been referred by lawyers or marriage therapists which lends to it’s credibility and effectiveness over the years.

2. Worldwide Marriage Encounter

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Location: Retreats are scheduled in multiple locations and dates throughout OH

Second on our list is Worldwide Marriage Encounter (WME), which currently ranks #21 on our list of the top 50 marriage counseling intensives in the U.S. This retreat is a Catholic, faith based organization that offers numerous Encounter Weekends across the country and other parts of the world as well.

The group has organized and conducted Marriage Encounter weekends since 1967 so there has been ample research and tried and true methods which have been developed to foster communication, mindfulness in a marriage, with a focus on the relationship without distraction.

The weekends are headed by one priest and three couples who make various presentations where couples are encouraged to actively participate, followed by private time for couples to share between themselves and communicate in depth.

All faiths and even non-Christians are welcome to attend and your reservation is confirmed with a payment of your application fee (from $50-$100 depending on your area) and the entire weekend is covered by the Diocese with the option to make a donation to offset costs (anywhere from $250-$600). Upcoming weekends in Ohio will take place in Columbus, Cincinnati, Maria Stein, Hudson, and Lima.

3. Vineyard Columbus

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Location: Columbus, OH

The Begin Again Weekend is offered by Vineyard Columbus Marriage Restoration Ministry and is another useful program for troubled marriages. The weekend is focused on healing the wounds from conflicts and sorting through the issues that stand in the way of togetherness and close communication.

There is an additional emphasis on attaining a strong spiritual support system through both the church and the ministry community itself. In order to participate in the Begin Again Weekend, applicants are required to complete the Journey to Oneness class, which Vineyard Columbus calls their “foundational marriage course” and guides couples to draw upon their faith in their marriage.

They also offer other classes such as the Pre-Marital coaching and courses as well as classes for the family. The Ministry has several campuses in Columbus, Pickerington, and Westerville, OH.

4. Family Life

Location: Columbus, OH

At Family Life you and your spouse can join other couples seeking to renew their relationship at the Weekend to Remember Getaway events that take place across the US including Cincinnati, Dublin, Dayton, Independence, and Akron, OH.

The weekend commences with various messages delivered by three speakers followed by projects that couples complete together. It also includes one date night for couples to spend together and on their own. The price of the event is $149 per couple however meals and/ or accommodations are not included in the registration fee.

The focus of the events is on communication particularly the ways in which to express feelings with positivity, how to foster a closer sexual union, and how to forgive.

5. Cleveland Relationship Therapy

Location: Cleveland, OH

Lastly, at Cleveland Relationship Therapy, Couples Therapy Intensives (also called Marathon Sessions) are offered in either half day, full day, or two day weekend sessions depending on your preference and schedule. The prices respectively are $800, $1850, and $3200 per couple.

The Intensives are based on working with the problem areas in a marriage and also address sexual intimacy issues as well. The unique feature of these Intensives is that every couple has the input of a husband and wife therapy team which offers them two different perspectives for solutions. Following the Therapy Intensives there is the option to extend the counseling through sessions on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

Your marriage is the most important union next to your family which is why these top marriage retreats in Ohio try to target the issues and maintain the love that brought you both together.

It is worth saving and with the right tools and approach, you can find a way to keep it alive and make it strong. Don’t give up on this partnership that you once shared but instead think about how one of these retreats might give you the answers and understanding you both need. Marriage is a sacred bond and you can make it something you cherish again.