Top 5 Couples Counseling Retreat in Connecticut

When you discover that your marriage is on the rocks, the first thing you need to know is you are never alone. There is a tendency to feel like you cannot share what is happening because you don’t want either your spouse or an outsider to know what you’re experiencing.

It is every married couple’s desire to prevent and avoid the long term consequences that come with separation or divorce, especially where children are involved.

If you’re at that crucial point when you’re searching for a helping hand, or a place you can go to get that extra support from the right people, we’ve put together the best 5 couples therapy retreat in the state of Connecticut.

#1 The Connecticut Center for Intensive Couples Therapy

Location: 147 Durham Rd, Madison, CT 06443
Company Website:

Most couples undergoing marital challenges tend to try out traditional methods to resolve the underlying issues, which more often than not seem like band aid solutions that deal with the symptoms, without treating the root cause.

At the Connecticut Center for Intensive Couples Therapy, which is ranked #17 on our list of the top 50 marriage retreat in the U.S., couples are taken through an intensive treatment that seeks to unearth the underlying cause of conflict, by combining tried and tested theories and practices to provide longer lasting solutions.

Dr. Robert Gratton, the lead counselor at the center, has over three decades experience in helping couples redeem their marriage, restore emotional and physical bonds, while identifying the chronic and negative patterns that built up over the years causing deep conflict and pressure on their relationship.

He describes his work as pulling relationships back from death’s door’, which is what every couple in crisis desires, a surge of life breathed back into their union.

Sessions last about 2 to 3 hours giving couples ample time to air out issues, but most couples would prefer a one day intervention for the initial session.

#2 New Directions

Location: Danbury, Connecticut
Company Website:

At the New Directions center, couples can rest assured that the therapists are experienced, some having been through similar marital issues, thus creates a warm, friendly and understanding environment for the two to air out their issues, and receive the kind of compassion and respect they need to sail through the storm.

Therapy includes strategies and effective tools for recovery from distress, depression, discord in the relationship, addictions and any anxiety through carefully planned couple therapy, as well as marriage and divorce counseling.

Healing of emotional wounds occurs in a loving, non-judgmental and highly ethical environment, leaving couples feeling relaxed and hopeful.

#3 CT Family Therapy

Location: West Hartford, Connecticut
Company Website:

Three children and 13 years of marriage later, Bryon Remo, a licensed family and marriage therapist, set up the CT Family Therapy center after a series of ups and downs in both married and parenting life.

Remo says he was driven by the fact that parents hardly seem to put in significant energy into their marriages once the kids come into the picture. This formed the basis of his marriage therapy services, which he says saps the life out of married couples, thus the need to care for their marriage for its own sake.

He works with couples to help them gain listening skills, while learning practical strategies and useful interventions to use at home together, while teaching forgiveness, empathy, non-judgmental behavior, and helping them recognize the difference between what they can change, and what should be tolerated. What better way to get help than from an expert who has been in a similar situation.

#4 Christian Counseling Center

Location: Norwalk, Connecticut
Company Website:

This is a faith based center that was founded 37 years ago and provides bible based counseling and psychotherapy to help couples seeking help to find solutions, and also practice biblical principles in their walk with one another.

Most clients who come to the center are Christians, but this doesn’t hinder those form other faiths or non-Christians from accessing their services.

It is open to all regardless of faith, ethnic background or social and financial status. Couples can find healing, hope and restoration for their marriages. Their costs are also pocket friendly and accepts also most major insurance plans available.

#5 Marriage and Family Therapy of Trumbull

Location: Connecticut

This center offers counseling for individuals, couples and families, with the understanding that life can move so fast and suddenly, hence the need for a support system for couples. Flexible appointments on weekdays and Saturdays, run from 9am to 7pm, at affordable rates. If you’re looking for counseling sessions without the retreat or stay in option, then this center is available.