Better Help Online Therapy Review

Betterhelp is a popular online therapy website. It’s a massive service with tons of happy customers and a huge staff of more than 2000 licensed professions working out of the US. However, Despite the sheer size of the company, it’s able to provide an excellent experience tailored to clientele. All while providing a safe and secure connection necessary for personal growth.

This review will go over the important aspects of the services and experiences provided by BetterHelp. We’ll talk about the counselors, confidentiality, and ease of use of getting started as well as their pricing.

Who’s On The Other End?

Mentioned above BetterHelp has a large staff base, but we’re more interested in the quality than the quantity. All of the company’s counselors are trained and licensed. A requirement is that they attained a Masters or Doctorate degree in their fields. BetterHelp counselors are also required to have a year of counseling experience before signing up (2000 hours of practice). Each counselor has a wealth of knowledge and the experience to make an impact in client’s lives.

The range of specialties and expertise for this quality therapy is quite impressive as well. It’s highly likely Betterhelp has the perfect support if you need help with an aspect of your life. You can find help whether you’re dealing with issues in your life that cause anxiety or stress, struggling with addiction, feeling overwhelmed or lost, or just dealing with the trials of every day life.

The counselors are professional, friendly, knowledgeable, understanding, non-judgemental. Everything necessary for change in your life. With the online system you’re able to gain access on demand as well. Whenever the need for help arises you’ll be able to find it on BetterHelp.

The Cost

Unfortunately one of the major barriers to receiving the help you need is the cost of the service. People who need help may not be able to get it due to financial constraints. Traditional office therapy is extremely expensive with fees going from $150 to $300 an hour.

BetterHelp offers a better solution with a weekly subscription payment plan ranging from $35-$70 depending on the field and experience of the therapist. That means you can get unlimited access to help for $140 to $280 for a whole month. This alone is one of the major reasons to consider online therapy. The price along with the ease of access makes it truly amazing.

Ease of use and the System Itself

The service is a simple log in subscription service. you’ll have to create an account to use the site. However, you don’t need to supply real information if privacy is an issue for you. Afterwards you’ll be sent into a survey to collect information about what kind of help you need. This survey is extremely important because it is used to determine the best therapist for you. You’ll want to make sure you answer truthfully and fully pay attention to the choices available to you in the multiple choice questions.

After the questionnaire you’ll be assigned the best therapist for your needs and shown the pricing details. The assigned therapist is often the perfect candidate. However if you want to change counselor you can request an alternative.

The work station of the site is a dedicated one on one chat room with your therapist. You can access it at any time 24/7. These rooms come with messaging, voice and video calls. Logging in automatically opens up the chat room. As far as the technology is concerned it’s the basic tried and true model of a chat room. Everything is sent instantly and as soon as the other party gets a chance they will see it. If you’re away from the desktop you can receive email notifications or opt to utilize their mobile/tablet app for Android and iOS.

For these rooms the text response rate is similar to sending an email. It’s much more likely to be seen during traditional business hours or during the day. A late night emergency may not be seen until the morning. However the therapists understand the importance of their work and try to get back to you as quickly as possible.

For voice and video calls you’ll be able to schedule those times together with your counselor. These do not cost extra with BetterHelp. You simply need to book a time using the chat room. You can also schedule live IM chats as well.

Is the Service Worth It?

The on demand nature, free video and voice calls, amazing qualifications of counselors, simplicity, as well as the low subscription price tag make this service an extremely valuable tool in changing your life for the better. If you’re struggling with an issue and traditional therapy is out of reach is a definitely powerful alternative.