Top 5 Marriage Intensive retreats in Mississippi

Marriage can be difficult no matter where in your marriage you happen to be. Whether you are a new couple still getting used to each other or are experiencing difficulties deep into a long marriage, it may be difficult to ask for help.

As temping as it can be to just put your heads down and work through your problems while continuing with your daily lives, This may not always work out. Sometimes a change of scenery can be just the thing you need to open up to each other and get to the root of the problem.

To help you know where to start, we have compiled a short list for those seeking a marriage Intensive retreat in Mississippi as well as programs serving clients in the area.

1. Pine Groves Intensives

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The very best marriage Intensive retreat in Mississippi is Pine Groves Intensive Workshops, located in scenic Pine Groves, Mississippi. It provides retreats and Christian marriage renewal for couples in crisis.
It focuses on both individual work to address personal issues and seeks to use couples activities to revitalize marriages by exploring shared values and passions. Healing is promoted by offering a relaxing and healthy environment in which to reinvigorate a marriage.

2. Retrouvaille Marriage Retreats

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This nationwide program serves couples in the Mississippi area by providing dynamic counseling services, but also hosted marriage retreats in many areas. Its focus is on communication and enhancement of basic intimacy through intensive application of marital-building exercises. The retreat seeks to redirect negative or detrimental attitudes toward positive reinforcement of affection and family dynamics.

3. Focus on The Family Retreat

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For those who are serious about saving their marriage with a marriage Intensive retreat in Mississippi, a session in neighboring Missouri may be just what the doctor ordered.
The Focus on the Family retreat in Missouri is a short drive and has demonstrated astounding results for its couples. They recognize that marital problems are often caused not by one or two conflicts but a complex combinations of different factors that are often beyond the control of either partner.

4. Worldwide Marriage Encounter, Nationwide

Worldwide Marriage Encounter is a nationwide organization that may host a marriage Intensive retreat in Mississippi. A faith-based organization, they bring a spiritual component into their marriage retreats. Marriage retreats hosted by Worldwide treat counseling and its associated exercises as a process of rediscovery to come back to the love and affection that made a couple marry in the first place.

5. Center for Marriage and Family Therapy

This retreat is a more psychologically-intensive program, realizing that often it is the individual traumas and issues that can directly cause an unhappy marriage. However, no matter the personal issues that a partner is experiencing there is hope for reconciliation and repairing damage to a relationship for those who sincerely seek help. These retreats provide intense therapy while building a stronger rapport with a partner.