Top 5 Marriage Counseling Intensive in Iowa

As a couple, you and your partner are probably at that point where you feel disconnected and are unable to get back to each other. You’re not communicating and you no longer feel the need for intimacy because it just faded away. This doesn’t have to be the norm.

Marriage therapy or counseling can help you take care and deal with the common bumps along the road to a healthier and happy relationship.

We get that sometimes weekly counseling isn’t always the best for the most severe cases that’s why we compiled a list of the TOP 50 Intense Couples Counseling Retreats in the U.S.

For couples whose marriages aren’t in crisis mode, we recommend weekly marriage therapy from the top 5 marriage counseling programs in Iowa.

#1 Counseling Center of Iowa

Phone: (319) 337-6483
Address: 3030 Northgate Dr e, Iowa City, IA 52245

This center has a team of 11 therapists with more than 180 years of combined therapy experience, who are committed not only to enhancing their own professional training, but they also challenge each other to provide only the best therapy quality possible.

The Counseling Center of Iowa is an outpatient center that offers counseling services including individual therapy, couple therapy, premarital counseling, separation/divorce counseling, and relationship counseling, among others.

Therapy is meant to provide concrete strategies and tools to help couples work through their relationship issues, while reducing stress, conflict and encouraging them to derive solutions that ensure long lasting change in their marriage or relationships.

Clinicians at the center are specialized in areas such as relationships affected by extramarital affairs, depression, alcoholism and drug abuse, as well as domestic violence, sexual intimacy problems, divorce, mediation, anger and emotional distress.

#2 House of Hope

Address: 1744 2nd Ave SE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52403
Phone: (319) 366-4673

House of Hope offers a Couples Therapy program, which provides professional counseling for women and their partners through a partnership with TEAM Restoration.

House of Hope’s therapy programs are well integrated with core teaching through other components of classes offered by the center such as the Families Where Grace Is in Place – a guide to developing a marriage filled with grace.

The center’s classes and programs are very affordable, and any woman seeking healing, breakthrough from strongholds and support through life’s transitions, can get help.

For therapy, the initial assessment that lasts about 60-90 minutes is designed to let the couple share and discuss their concerns with the assigned therapist, and to discern compatibility before subsequent sessions, which last 60 minutes. To schedule an appointment with any of the center’s two therapists, email

#3 Pine Rest counseling

This center provides counseling services for all ages, couples, families and groups. Pine Rest center commits to treating you and your partner with compassion from the first call you make, all the way to your final appointment and through to follow up sessions.

Upon your initial consultation and assessment, therapists at Pine Rest counseling guide you through to ensure you get the appropriate care level needed and that is unique to your situation and needs.

The center’s helpful and respectful therapists ensure you are at ease, and receive the assistance you need, with flexible day and/or evening appointment timings.

Services offered include counseling as well as treatment of other concerns such as anxiety, relationship and communication difficulties, among others.

#4 Cedar Rapids Relationship center

This is the brainchild of the Marriage and Family Therapists (MFTs), who have a special interest in relationships. Rhonda and Jennifer, both MFTs, apply a systemic framework and experiential approach to help couples improve their relationships to achieve long lasting change.

Both therapists are licensed and work with couples on different stages and needs including premarital counseling, discernment counseling for those thinking about divorce but are not sure, sex therapy and couple’s therapy as a whole.

Couples who were once intimate but are now feeling distant and lonely can be helped to break down their issues into manageable pieces, and get assistance towards reestablishing their connection.

Through therapy, the Cedar Rapids Relationship center helps couples both reduce conflict and improve communication, using The Gottman Method and Emotionally Focused Couples therapy approaches.

#5 The Art and Science of Love

If you’re looking for a weekend couple’s therapy workshop program to attend with your partner, the Gottman Institute offers a program called The Art and Science of Love, presented by Dr. John Gottman, and Dr. Julie Gottman.

This is a two day packed program that has engaging presentations and experiential activities to help you confirm, strengthen and restore the love in your relationship.

So effective is this program that it has shown results similar to a 6-months marital therapy program, with positive outcomes for 94% of its participants. If you’re in a distressed relationship, this program will give you a greater understanding and roadmap for repair.