Top 5 Couples Counseling Retreat Near Louisiana

If your marriage is experiencing trouble and you do not know what to do, don’t worry. There are people who can help you put the pieces of your life back together. All is not lost. Love is always worth the effort.

Perhaps you’ve never thought about getting away from the reality of it all for a little while. But attending a marriage retreat has been proven to save more marriages than regular couples counseling alone.

Below is a list of the top five retreats in the surrounding states near Louisiana that can get you on the path toward wholeness again.

#1 LIFE Marriage Retreat

Locations: San Diego, California, Utah, Texas
Company Website:

Ranked #6 on our list of the top 50 marriage therapy retreat in the U.S., LIFE Marriage Retreats offers a four-day marriage intensive retreat with a licensed professional counselor. It is a skill and principle based retreat.

The philosophy of LIFE is that it takes certain skills based on certain principles to make a successful marriage. That is the focus of what is learned with an individualized focus for you and your spouse based on your specific needs.

Skills like relationship management, problem-solving, planning, consciousness vs. awareness, and communication are taught in sessions. And principles such as forgiveness, commitment, perspective, trust and trustworthiness, and accountability are stressed and demonstrated for each couple to learn and adopt into their relationships.

The retreats offer a “hands-on” experience for couples. It is not a passive “sit and listen” kind of retreat. You and your spouse practice these skills and leave with a clear sense of what you need to do to create a lasting and loving relationship.

#2 The Hideaway Experience

Locations: Texas, Georgia, or California Website:

If you want to get away into a natural, peaceful setting, this Palo Duro Canyon area retreat is perfect for you and your spouse. Counselors there provide a place for wounded marriages to be healed and for the ones that are broken to be restored completely.

The Hideaway Experience combines small group therapy, professional counseling and a quiet atmosphere to set the tone for healing to begin. Guest rooms offer views of the canyon from the convenience of your back porch. Meals are provided.

Marriage intensives are 4 day/5 night period retreats with two professional therapists attending along with four other couples in a group therapy format. A total of six to eight hours of therapy per day is involved when going to The Hideaway Experience, but they still make time for couples to get away together for some alone time as well.

#3 Eagle Family Ministries – Bentonville, AR

Location: Bentonville, AR 72712


Rated# 34 as Best Retreat in U.S. here

The Making Room For Romance Retreat 2017 is going to be held in Branson, MO this fall. This is a faith-based retreat with founders Steve and Susan Tucker and other licensed professionals and speakers. Some of the topics covered for couples to learn are:

  • Intimacy and Romance
  • The Three Types of Love Needed in a Marriage
  • The Importance of Meaningful Touch
  • The 3 Listening Skills
  • Being Best Friends with Each Other
  • Romantic Ideas
  • Making Monogamy Great
  • Enjoying Your Marriage and more.

Learning about these topics from licensed professionals can turn your relationship around by giving you tools to use in working through conflict and problematic situations.

#4 The Clearing – Houston, Texas

(979) 885-8121

Founded by Bill and Margit Riley, The Clearing is a 4-day intensive experience for couples that will allow you to recognize the needs you may have and then work toward solutions to resolve them so that you can achieve the marriage you have always dreamt of having together.

There is a total of 32 hours of marriage therapy involved in these four days. Two therapists are included in the sessions that involve a group setting with four additional couples. Meals are provided on site.

#5 Marriage Encounter

(retreat locations in Texas and Arkansas, but based in Springfield, MO)

(800) 366-2104

At Marriage Encounter, couples who have previously experienced deep marital troubles return to talk with couples and share the experiences, emotions, and techniques they learned in solving their problems with each other to turn their marriage from good to great.

This is not a couples therapy though. There is no sharing among couples. It is merely speaker couples sharing with you and your spouse about personal experiences and skills that can be learned in order to turn around a bad relationship. Areas discussed are money, sex, God, family, and changes in life.

The great thing about Marriage Encounter is that it is solely couples-based, not group-based. You and your spouse focus on one another. You do not sit and listen to other couples. Retreat starts on Friday at 8 p.m. and ends on Sunday at 4 p.m.