Review The 5 Best Marriage Counseling Retreat in MA

Attending a counseling retreat can quickly turn your marriage around and  get it moving in a positive direction.

What is a couples’ retreat? A weekend intensive is a high focused form of therapy that usually get more results than the traditional weekly counseling sessions.

Marriage retreats are so popular, and so in demand that more and more of them are popping up all over the country, and the truth is some are very good, while many of them aren’t as effective.

For that reason, we’ve compiled a list of the of The Best 50 Weekend intensives in the Entire U.S. Here.

For residents of Massachusetts who don’t have the means to fly out to some the more established retreats across the country, we’ve put together a list of the very best therapy retreats in the state of Massachusetts below.

1. The Northampton Center For Couples Therapy

Location: Florence, Massachusetts

Located in Florence, Massachusetts, Northampton Center For Couples Therapy (NCCT) is currently ranked #10 on our comprehensive list of The Best 50 Marriage Retreat Intensives in The Entire U.S.

This retreat has a number of highly experienced, and highly skilled group of practitioners that address a wide array of relationship issues.

If you live in the state of Massachusetts and your marriage is in crisis, this company can help address issues in your relationship that has you considering divorce or separation.

The Northampton Center For Couples Therapy offers a private one-on-one service with available options in the form of a 2-day retreat or a 3-day retreat.

The cost associated with attending one of these retreats is reasonably priced when you consider the level of experience and attention you will receive.

The cost for a 2 day retreat is priced at $2,995 per couple, while  the 3-Day Retreat is priced at  $4,500 per couple. Travel, meals and lodging aren’t included in the registration cost.


2. Couples Therapy INC

Company Website:
Location: Northampton, MA 01060

Couples Therapy Inc., ranked #14 on our list of the Top 50 Couples Counseling Retreat in The U.S. is on of the best therapy services in the state of Massachusetts.

This program will surely bring back the raging intimacy between you and your partner. With a private get-away in The Berkshire, Massachusetts, with nobody else and nothing on your mind but you two, it is nearly impossible that the spark will not flame right back up.

They have well-trained therapist that was trained under Gottman Institute that will talk to you privately, just the two of you. Yes, you heard that right. No group discussions, you and your partner will have all the time in the world.

Basically, what will be done are some physical activities that will bring back the memories as to why you fell in love in the first place. Sounds tempting, huh? For the price of $2250, you can have the weekends by yourselves. Reliving each passionate moments, falling in love over and over again.

Therapist will use science-based methods to do that. They will record a pattern of your behavior and how it is possibly affecting the relationship. This retreat is not just for two days. It will last forever and so will your love.


3. New England Center for Couples and Families

New England Center for Couples and Families does not only deal with mental issues, parenting advices, but they also offer marriage counselling! A family package, indeed. Located in Arlington, Massachusetts, this counselling center sure knows what they are doing. Their therapists understand the importance of human connection, one of the major factors in a relationship. For $220 per session, they will have activities and topics that you and your partner will freely talk about around them. This will definitely bring out your negative emotions and leave it all behind. It will be replaced by positive ones, love, passion, intimacy.

4. Espousal Retreat House and Conference Center

Around Turnpikes and Routes 128/95 in Massachusetts, Espousal Retreat House and Conference Center offers religious services for not just couples but other people who also seeks spiritual retreat. The therapist will gladly remind you what the center of the relationship should be all about, through Christ. This will give you the chance to let go of the hate once and for all and just focus on loving your better half.

5. Rowe Camp and Conference Center

Have you been having troubles with your relationship with your family? I mean the whole family? This is perfect for you! Rowe Center, located in Rowe, Massachusetts does not only offer couples retreat but also offers retreats for the whole Family if your children are already emotionally troubled with your problems with your partner. This way, you and your whole family will patch things up and can start anew!

Can’t endure the pain anymore? You don’t have to! You have your friends, family and these retreat centers as support systems. Remember, if you really love the person, you will do everything for them. What’s there to lose? Just plain gains not just for your relationship but also for your future family if you don’t have one yet.