Top Marriage Therapy Retreat in Tennessee

like many couples who land on this page you’re likely dealing with a number of different issues like infidelity, poor communication or a recent painful event that have impacted your relationship in a negative way.

The cure to fixing some of the issues that’s been holding your marriage hostage is attending a no-nonsense couples retreat.

Weekend intensives, especially the private ones that’s focused on only you and your spouse can do more in turning your marriage around than that of the traditional once a week counseling sessions.

It’s a fact that sustained work over three or four days allows couples, with the help of  a licensed therapists, to go deep enough to get to the root issues.

Retreats are so powerful and so effective that we’ve put together a list of the best 50  marriage retreats in the entire U.S. here.

However we understand that not every couple can afford the cost associated with traveling out of state so below we’ve drafted a list of the very best retreats in the state of Tennessee (1 thru 5).

Intimacy Seekers

Location: Offices located in; Brentwood, Murfreesboro and Mt. Juliet, Tennessee


Intimacy Seekers ranked #28 on our comprehensive list of the best 50 marriage counseling retreat in the U.S. was founded by Michael M. Christian, Phd.

Intimacy Seekers offer half- day to three day workshops, conferences and retreats to offer flexibility to couples and individuals whose needs may be different. Offering an Intimate Marriage workshop consisting of, The behavior dance, the fear dance and the sex dance.

These three elements allow couples to break away from behavioral routines that cause conflict, understand the elements that cause reactions instead of responses to certain situations and bring couples together intimately once again by reviewing personal behaviors that might be misread in light of the bedroom.

This workshop allows couples to understand each other and open up the lines of communication in a safe environment.

Marriage Dynamics Institute

Location: Franklin, Tennessee Website:

Marriage Dynamics Institute comes in at #33 on our list of the top 50 marriage therapy retreat in the US offers courses for all different types of marriages. The couple answers a short quiz and from that, they are directed to the course work most suitable for them.

The different courses offered are; the Dynamic Marriage course- which helps to identify behaviors that may be harmful to your marriage, the United course- which helps you discover the passion and potential of your marriage by exploring God’s design for marriage, the Reconnect course – a mini retreat to help you improve communication and a New Beginning course- a weekend course to help give you the tools to turn your marriage around. Each of these courses are specifically designed to suit the different needs of different couples.


Location: Cumberland Furnace, Tennessee

Onsite offers a Couples Intensive course consisting of four days where the couple gets to work hand and hand with an Onsite therapist.

The workshop is based specifically on the couple’s needs through information conveyed telepathically beforehand. Allowing you and your partner to tackle personal difficulties specifically. This is a fantastic way to spend four days away from the hustle and bustle of normal life.

Allowing you and your partner to focus purely on each other and the specific difficulties that you are facing as a couple as well as allow you to strengthen the better parts of your relationships. These specialized workshops are exactly what the doctor ordered no matter what type of marital difficulties you may be experiencing.

Sugar Hollow

Location: Johnson City, Tennessee

Sugar Hollow, situated in the beautiful Tennessee mountain range, offers couples the chance to retreat to a beautifully romantic log cabin up in the mountain range.

With a majestic surrounding and rustic finishes, the peace and tranquility around you will allow you and your partner to break away from everyday stresses. Surrounded by peace and quiet you will both be able to truly relax alongside each other and allow the doors of communication to open naturally.

When staying at Sugar Hollow, each couple is able to leave with the tools needed to go forward and keep building their marriage one day at a time happily and healthily.


Location: Tennessee

Retrouvaille; a French word meaning rediscovery. Although not a retreat, Retrouvaille is renown for its success as a program. Using the phrase, It’s not a time to hurt, it is a time to heal’ shows that this program is about helping couples to rediscover each other and the love they once shared.

This program consists of a weekend phase where a minister or priest gives a series of presentations and a technique to help communication. The team does not offer marriage advice, they offer practical tools to help improve your marriage.