Top 5 Marriage Intensive Retreats in Idaho

Tons of marriages fail everyday, but tons of marriages are saved everyday too. Couples will try going to a therapist or a relationship specialist and sometimes that works, but sometimes something a little more extreme is needed. Marriage retreats are a concentrated way to work on your relationship in a very peaceful, and private setting.

Below we’ve listed the best marriage intensive retreats in the state of Idaho. For an overall list of the best 50 couples’ intensive retreats in the entire U.S. go here.

However if traveling is off the table for you as a couple because of the expense associated with traveling, check out our detailed list below of the top couples therapy retreat in the state of Idaho.

Landgraf Retreats: Northern Lights Private Couple Retreat
Location: Post Falls, ID 83877-7744
Company website:

Northern Lights Private Couple Retreat means just that. You and your spouse will be the only two people on this getaway.

John and Laura Landgraf specialize in helping couples strengthen their marriage by teaching about the necessary tools that are needed to do so.

John’s knowledge as a therapist and Laura’s leading role as a life coach, together, help couples to head in the right direction with their relationship. Because you are the only couple there, the complete format of the retreat is specifically built around you and your spouse.

Northern Lights is a 5 day retreat. Once registered online a personalized package will be sent to you with your retreat’s information. Since every marriage’s needs vary, so does the retreat’s price. You’ll be contacted once all the needed information is collected.

Worldwide Marriage Encounters
Location: 8474 W Sundisk Street Boise. ID 83714
Company Website:

The Worldwide Marriage Encounters is a marriage retreat that is hosted by the Roman Catholic Church. Although the Catholic religion hosts this retreat, you don’t have to be Catholic, but all Christian religions are welcomed.

This marriage intensive retreat in Idaho has married couples with experience to lead your weekend with guest therapists throughout the weekend.

Connecting with another couple that has already been through your struggles can really be an eyeopener. WWME focuses on that spark you once had with each other and finding that best friend that you’ve lost.

The retreat takes place on a weekend. You’ll arrive on a Friday night and leave Sunday. The couple will need to complete an application and provide a fee of $75 (non-refundable).

The fee is considered a donation that goes towards your food, lodging, and materials. Worldwide Marriage Encounters will never turn away a couple of need.

If you’re having financial difficulties, WWME will help with the donation/fee amount.

FCA ID Couples Getaway (Marriage Retreat)
Location: Hunt Lodge, McCall, ID Meridian, ID 83680
Company Website:

Jeff and Stacey Kemp created this marriage retreat for couples (and families) that have lives that revolve around sports.

Jeff, once an NFL quarterback, has lived the life and wants to teach others from his experiences. They will show you how to bring that type of support that you give to your team, into your family.

Life can become extremely hectic with kids, the kid’s sports, the teams you may coach, and even the teams you may be on. This marriage intensive retreat in Idaho helps couple how to manage everything inside and outside of the relationship.

The FCA retreat typically lasts 3 days (starting on a Friday night and ending on Sunday). You and your spouse will need to register online or join the waiting list (yes, they are that busy) and provide a fee of $245 per couple.

Diocese of Boise
Location: 1501 S Federal Way, Ste 400  Phone: (208) 340-5338 Southern Idaho
Boise, ID 83705 (509) 520-4118 Northen Idaho