Top 6 Marriage Intensives Near Kansas

Sometimes things go wrong in a relationship, and alone it is hard to get things back on the right path. But with the help of trained professionals, your love can be rekindled and reunited in a way even stronger than it was when you first fell in love.

Why Choose a Retreat?

A retreat gives you a certain amount of time to spend alone together without the interruptions and hassles of everyday life. You and your spouse have time to explore the issues you are experiencing and ways to solve them in addition to learning new and different ways of connecting with each other so you can grow as a couple.

The following is a list of six of the best retreats found near the state Kansas for intensive marital counseling.

#1 Relationship Rescue Academy

Location: Kokomo, Indiana Website:

Relationship Rescue Academy located in the small town of Kokomo, Indiana is one of the best couples intensive retreat near Kansas. Rated #1 on our comprehensive list of the top 50 marriage counseling retreats in the United States, Relationship Rescue has a practical hands-on approach to counseling married couples.

This particular retreat works with only one couple at a time, making it a lot more personal than other intensives that is built around group work.  What really separates this retreat from  many other retreat is that lodging is included in the tuition.

Couples can select between 2-day, 3-day or even 4-day intensive package at a relatively affordable rate. Because this retreat fills up really fast, we’ve given you 5 more retreat options near Kansas.


#2 Branson Retreat Center

Location: Branson, Missouri Website:

Branson Retreat Center rated #12 on our list of the 50 best couples therapy retreats in the U.S. is another good option for struggling marriages.

Focus on the Family is the sponsor of this program that supports millions of couples in trouble every year. It offers a faith-based approach to counseling for couples.

Couples can choose from 3, 4, or 5-day intensive counseling sessions with a National Institute on Marriage Counselor. An additional counselor can even be requested.

They are staffed with marriage coaches, marriage counselors, and many other highly qualified employees to meet the needs of any couple in serious trouble or in basic need of help. They also have the Branson Retreat Center.

#3 Couples Therapy, Inc.

Location: Several Locations Around the Country Website:

At the third position is Couples Therapy Inc., rated #14 on our top 50 list of the best retreats in the U.S., this program is excellent for couples seeking a non-religious retreat.

Couples Therapy, Inc. has many locations across the United States. Their retreats offer science-based opportunities to get away with each other and really strengthen your relationship.

Couples Therapy Inc. offers two different therapeutic options: Repair and Reconnect Couples Retreats or a Sexuality Retreat. You can choose or you can allow the initial assessment done by your clinician decide which would best fill your needs.

Retreats last for two and one-half days of intensive counseling with a trained practitioner who best knows how to steer you and your spouse toward healing and hope for a stronger future. They also offer online therapy for couples whose schedules won’t allow them to participate any other way.


#4 Rock Your Marriage

Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado

Rock Your Marriage offers marriage retreats, marriage intensives, and marriage workshops. Located on the front range of the Rocky Mountains, these retreats are specifically designed for each couple to meet their needs.

All retreats are facilitated by trained, professional counselors and are educational-based to give couples the tools that they need to communicate, resolve conflict and strengthen intimacy.

If couples feel that they need a more serious intervention, then one of the intensive programs might be the best choice. There are four different levels of marriage intensives to choose from including one that is called the home intensive. You can choose depending on what you feel your level of need may be.

The center says that their intensives are unique because of the design. They are designed to build on the marriage while also increasing communication and intimacy. Therapy is included in everything that is done and there are experiential counseling elements used as well.

Activities are given to help couples get the overall experience they need in helping to learn to resolve their conflicts and grow in their marriage. See their website for blog entries that will lend insight to many of the issues you are facing today.

#5 Marriage Solutions

Location: Tulsa/ Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Marriage Solutions offers 1-3 day retreats for couples wanting to get away to try and begin the process of healing and repair to a damaged relationship.

Located in Tulsa, OK and Oklahoma City, OK, or choose to travel for a Cancun destination. No matter where you choose to go, the website has plenty of information to get you started including initial assessment information in helping you decide if you need an intensive retreat or not.

Also, there are licensed, trained professionals who are there to help lead you into the healing process in your relationship and help you learn to work together with a new set of skills.

After the retreat, a Marriage Ignite Afterclass is offered online to help continue the progress learned while at the retreat. Their website offers free blog entries for additional help as well as a podcast and a free copy of an e-book.


#6 Osage Creek (Martell, Nebraska)

Osage Creek is located on 17 acres of wooded land with a creek that runs through the middle. It is run by Jennifer Burns, LMHP, and Thomas Burns, Life Coach. According to Osage Creek, their healing path consists of an experiential and contemplative journey.

Jennifer, who provides couples counseling, received her degree in counseling from Creighton University and did Post Graduate work at Grace University. Her approach to couples therapy is to use emotionally focused therapy to bring improvement and rejuvenation to marriages. Her husband Thomas is available to sit in on the therapy sessions, but his primary job is as a life coach and mentor to husbands.

They offer regular counseling sessions and retreats as well. The couple offers a free ebook written by Jennifer from their site entitled Finding Your Way – Identifying Dead End Relationship Pathways.