Best Five Marriage Therapy Retreat in Florida

Fact is couples who attend a marriage intensive program usually progress more quickly and retain more from the therapy experience than those who attend the traditional weekly or bi-weekly counseling session.

Intensive weekend retreats are appropriate for those whose marriages are lacking in connection, it’s in a standstill, separated or contemplating a divorce.

Although attending a couples’ retreat can help turn things around quickly, the shear number of retreats across the country that offer intensives can be overwhelming when trying to pick one to go to.

For that reason we did the work for you and compiled a list of The 50 Best Couples Weekend Intensive Therapy in the U.S. Here.

However we understand that not everyone can afford to fly out to some of the more prominent retreats on our top 50 list. That’s why we’ve put together a detailed list of the best 5 couples’ retreats in the state of Florida below.

#1 The Relationship Center of South Florida

Location: Boca Raton, Florida
Company Website:

Ranked #24 on our comprehensive list of the 50 best marriage saving retreat in the U.S., Relationship Center of South Florida is one of the best professional services for struggling marriages in the state of Florida.

With this company, couples seeking therapy will get three primary services including marriage therapy in weekly or biweekly 90 minute sessions, relationship enhancement workshops, and private marriage counseling weekend intensives.

Counseling is not only available for married couples, but also engaged couples seeking pre-marital advice, unmarried couples and individuals seeking counseling on relationships.

The center utilizes the Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT), as well as the Gottman Method, based on the work of Dr. John Gottman, who studied over 3,000 couples in his more than forty years of research on what really makes relationships work.

Couples can expect to discover secrets of successful and happy couples, hear each other better while understanding their differences, as well as get closer while having fun together. The center also offers relationship coaching in addition to couple’s therapy.

#2 Family Therapy Center

Location: Coral Springs & Pembroke Pines, Florida
Company Website:

Ranked #40 on our list of the 50 best couples retreat intensive in the U.S., Family Therapy Center of Broward County, Florida help couples find solutions through their marital counseling program that are specific to individual marriages.

Therapy services are tailored to the client’s needs in order to serve and support them through the most difficult moments in their lives. If you’re experiencing challenges in your marriage, don’t postpone it.

Now is the time to take the first step to making your relationship better. The center also gives a complimentary initial consultation for couples seeking marital counseling services.


#3 Gateway Counseling Center

Location: Lake Worth, Florida
Company Website:

Set in Boynton Beach, Florida, the Gateway Counseling Center (GCC) is one of the top counseling practice centers in Palm Beach County offering couples therapy, relationship building, and a wide variety of services ranging from divorce recovery, depression and anxiety counseling, as well as affair recovery.

The center appreciates that clients want their spiritual beliefs respected and incorporated in their treatment sessions as counselors guide clients to explore religion or spirituality in a safe environment free of any prejudice.

GCC’s relationship coaches meet their clients at their point of need to help them address their most difficult concerns, then develop effective solutions unique to the couple.

The first appointment is a free consultation to assess the issues and give a way forward, after which sessions are scheduled based on what is appropriate for the client. Services run from Monday to Saturday from 8am up to 7pm.

#4 Couples Seeking Solutions Therapeutic Services

Location: Florida
Company Website:

As its name suggests, the center provides a one-stop shop couple counseling or marriage therapy retreat services for couples seeking solutions to their marital problems.

Couples retreats are held at 5 star beach resorts in Fort Lauderdale, providing a relaxing, refreshing and reconnecting moment with their better half.

Dr. Eva Brown, owner, and also a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist offers an educational and hands on, high energy level training experience for couples to help them learn, grow and improve their relationship. Besides the trainings, weekly private couple’s retreats are available for couples seeking an intensive, one on one experience, especially those undergoing major crises, or may not have time during the week for therapy.

Therapy sessions are held at Dr. Eva’s office, with recommendations for hotel resort accommodations given in case the couple needs assistance in that area.

#5 Marriage Therapy Center

Company Website:
Location: Fort Myers, Florida

The Marriage Therapy center offers marriage counseling services dealing with issues ranging from financial and parenting conflicts, blended family issues, anger, infidelity, and sexual difficulties, while providing couples with learning tools to be able to resolve conflicts and communicate.