Best 5 Marriage Intensive Retreats in South Carolina

Are you hurting, lonely, and withdrawn because your spouse won’t listen to you? Do you find yourselves arguing over and over about the same things? Do you feel distant both physically, and emotionally, thinking you’ve tried it all but
nothing seems to come out of it? Are you overwhelmed by the circumstances in your relationship and don’t know where to run to?

If  your answers to these questions are yes or maybe, take heart – you are not alone. Your marriage can be rescued.

A survey by the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy reported that 93% of couples felt better equipped to deal with marital disagreements and issues after seeing a professional therapist/counselor, and this is why we picked out these top 5 couples therapy retreat spots in South Carolina.

Christian Counseling Associates of Raleigh

The Christian Counseling Associates of Raleigh ranked #29 on our list of the top 50 couples therapy retreat in the US is on of the best counseling services in the state of North Carolina.

At this retreat couples seeking counseling therapy have the option of three marriage intensive programs to choose from. These include the 2 day couples intensive, where couples work exclusively with therapists for two and a half days for immediate attention. A one-day Marriage  Tune Up program is offered where couples work with two therapists for 8 hours to help repair and rebuild their relationship.

The third is the Group Intensive, which includes groups of three, four and five couples working alongside each other for two and a half days, with guided instruction and group interaction. The center also carries out the Connected Marriage Retreat Weekends, an annual public event that hosts up to 25 couples at a go, and are conducted from Friday night and the whole day on Saturday. There are also multiple hour extended sessions conducted routinely that run from two to four hours at a time.

Charleston Counseling Center

This center has three locations with 20 well trained and licensed counselors, offering couples and relationship
counseling, through utilizing tools and techniques that help both partners feel like themselves again. Issues such as anger, stress, grief, transitions in life and other marital challenges are addressed by the therapists, who adhere to
high confidentiality standards and clinical excellence, while practicing compassion and respect in the process.

Weeknight and weekend sessions are available in addition to daytime hours, to get you and your spouse started on the healing journey. Here you will learn skills that promote intimacy, understand how to detect behaviors that lead to breakups, and also gain insights into aspects that contribute to the marital difficulties in your relationship.

Beaufort Center for Marriage

This is a faith-based, Christian therapeutic center, devoted to dealing with all areas of relationships, from dating, to preparing for marriage, and finally working on marital issues. Some of the most painful struggles such as surviving separation and divorce, are handled by licensed professional therapists who use biblical principles to help couples accept the past, manage the present, and have hope for better things to come.

The center’s Christian therapeutic separation program helps set off the healing process in a marriage that doesn’t seem to be working, offering peace of mind to the couple as they anticipate a transformation in their marriage. Spouses are required to be committed to individual sessions so as to experience a more positive experience long after completion of the program.

Christian military couples may present different issues such as isolation, absence or decision making difficulties, but the coaching from the center helps them iron out these issues and create a better, trusting and longer lasting relationship.

Fowler Counseling Center

Fowler center provides couples counseling services with confidentiality at its core. Through the marital and couples counseling program, therapists help couples identify and deal with problems in their relationship, as both partners attend sessions to discuss the specific issues they are facing.

Successful therapy is dependent on each partner’s dedication and drive to become better. Couples struggling with sexual issues, extramarital affairs, pornography, among other issues, can find help in a supportive and non-judgmental environment, while learning tools needed to overcome the challenges together.


Thriveworks offers a platform where couples looking for therapy services in South Carolina area can
find what they need under one roof. Therapists under Thriveworks are expertly trained in their various fields, and are licensed to help you with the challenges you’re facing.

They understand that you are in need now, not tomorrow or weeks after now, so there’s no waiting list. You are a priority, thus your appointment will be processed no less than 24 hours after you make that all important call.