Five Best Couples Retreat Intensive in New Jersey

Anyone who has been in a relationship knows that it takes a lot of time and effort to make it work, sometimes it does and other times you just have to let go.

But there are many options for couples seeking to renew their intimacy or resolve conflict in their relationships, and one of the fastest and most effective approaches to healing past hurts, reconnect with your spouse and develop a deep, fulfilling relationship is going on a couple’s therapy retreat.

We know the hassle that comes with choosing the perfect retreat location, so if you’re looking for one, we found the top 5 couples therapy retreat spots in New Jersey.

#1 Center for Marriage and Family Therapy

Location: Matawan, New Jersey
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The Center for Marriage and Family Therapy is currently ranked #15 on our comprehensive list of  The 50 Best Weekend Intensives in the U.S.

Set up three decades ago, the Center for Marriage and Family Therapy has helped many couples through their relationship hurdles.

Set in a serene environment, the center, which has a network of affiliated therapists offers a variety of therapy services in areas of specialization for individuals, couples and families. Couples can trust the therapists’ deep understanding of various issues including grief, anxiety, affairs, depression and even sex therapy.

No two couples are treated the same way, as the center does not take a cookie cutter approach to treatment and therapy.

Therapy ensures the couple is actively engaged and involved in their own healing process. You can rest assured that the center is one of the trusted retreat and therapy locations in New Jersey.

#2 America’s Keswick

Location: 601 Route 530 Whiting, New Jersey 08759
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There’s no better way to spend your time out with your spouse than going to a spot that feels just like home. America’s Keswick Christian Retreat & Conference Center lets you have both a quiet time off to reflect with your partner, in an atmosphere of healing and relief, while still giving a setting for adventure and fun.

With freshly prepared meals, comfortable homely accommodations, and personalized services, you can rest assured you don’t have to worry about the details, but take time to focus on the matter at hand.

Recreational activities to help you relive your relationship moments include canoeing, nature walks, hiking trails, sauna, gym and hot tubs, among others.

The center also offers couple’s weekends on special days to help couples rekindle their love and intimacy and create more memories. A special thing about this spot is couples are covered in prayer during their retreat.

#3 Riverview Counseling Center

Location: Hackettstown, New Jersey
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Couples need to spend time together to make their relationships work. This isn’t the time you take to discuss the housekeeping issues, but to actually talk to each other intimately, and process things together.

At Riverview counseling center, couples get to have this kind of time out together, communicate together away from a lot of the daily distractions of life, and connect with each other deeper than before.

Play time is also important for any couple, so here you get to rekindle your romance and fall in love with your partner all over again.

The program is designed to build a nurturing and supportive alliance through increased communication, intimacy and understanding.

#4 Marriage Counseling in Montclair

Location: Montclair, New Jersey
Company Website:

Serving many cities in New Jersey, Marriage Counseling in Montclair understands the delicate nature of relationships and the hurdles that couples face.

The daily grind of work, family, schooling and other tough responsibilities can take a toll on the couple causing a shift of focus from either partner.

Couples get to experience healing through carefully selected programs run by therapists who have years of experience and practice, using emotionally focused therapy (EFT) to steer the couples towards the path of healing, by dealing with past wounds and changing patterns that keep them stuck in an emotional rut.

90% of couples who complete the sessions report significant improvement in their relationship, while three out of every four couples get complete recovery and growth long after the program.

#5 Emotionally Connected Marriage

Company Website:

If you’re looking for a workshop retreat, your best bet would be the Emotionally Connected Marriage site, which has different schedules for couples looking to make things in their relationship better.

The couples retreat programs help people save their marriages, and/or relationships with a 2-day science based Hold Me Tight transformational weekend, which seeks to rescue and repair relationships, boasting a 90% success rate. Whether you’ve tried marriage counseling before, this is your go-to directory for top workshop retreats for marriage intensive therapy.