The Top 5 Marriage Intensive Retreats in Alabama

Anyone who’s ever been married will tell you, marriage takes work. It requires constant care, communication, sacrifices, and finding new ways to understand and support one another, and sometimes, that means turning to outside guidance.

This article is here to help you find the best place to get that guidance, by taking a look at the top five marriage retreats in Alabama.

For an overall list of the Best 50 Marriage Therapy Retreats in the Entire U.S. go here. However if you aren’t able to travel out of state because of finances and other challenges, we recommend attending the top 5 retreats in the state of Alabama below.

1) Together at the Springs

Location: Talladega, Alabama
Company Website:

This intensive weekend marriage getaway is promoted by the Shocco Springs Conference Center, with seminars given by five Christian couples, and is led by ministers Dale and Jena Forehand.

Pricing for the two-day (one overnight) retreat begins at $224 and includes lodging, with lower rates for those commuting but not staying overnight ($149) and additional rates for those wanting the extra Date Night stay ($283).

The Date Night option includes your choice of dinner, a variety of outdoor couples activities, and a buffet breakfast before checkout the following morning.

While the retreat may seem short, every activity and seminar is designed to improve both communication and intimacy between couples, while providing a safeguard against future marital threats. It truly is the ideal weekend for partners who need a little clarity and better ways of communicating with each other.

2) The Great Smoky Mountain Marriage Retreat

Location: Jacksonville, Alabama
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Sponsored by the Jacksonville Church of Christ, this mountain range marriage retreat promised beautiful mountain views, a wide range of fun and games for couples of all ages, and interactive sessions using Bible-based principles.

The retreat seminars are given by three renowned preachers: B.J. Clarke, Melvin Otey, and Dan Winkler. All three of them are happily married, have a combined total of 80 years of preaching, and specialize in enriching marital connections through teachings of Christ.

The seminars cover Focusing on your commitment to your faith and bringing more joy to your life at home, this weekend getaway has two flexible options for your planning: the “early track” and the “late track”.

The early track runs from early Thursday to Friday afternoon, while the late track begins Friday and ends Saturday. Both options offer the same activities, games, and seminars, so no matter which package you choose, the cost remains the same: an incredibly low $50.

Lodging is not included in the packages, but there are discount rates available if you book a reservation through the nearby Pigeon Forge Holiday Inn. If you’re looking for a more affordable weekend getaway to help enrich your marriage, this may be the retreat for you.

3) Gulf Coast Marriage Retreat Point

Clear, Alabama

This weekend getaway retreat is led by preacher Dave Dennis and his wife Bethlie, and held at the luxurious Grand Hotel Marriott.

Having preached at thousands of locations over the past twenty years, Dave’s marriage workshop offers an open schedule of faith-based couples’ games, private and group seminars led by numerous marriage and relationship experts, and various hotel activities designed to improve the quality and intimacy in each couple’s relationship.

With packages beginning at the low price of $200 (including buffet and hotel spa options), this intensive retreat promises to both relax and refresh you, and bring you closer to your partner than ever before. For those couples looking to strengthen their relationship with one another with Christian-based teachings, this is the place to go!

4) Catholic Engaged Encounter

Mobile, Alabama

If you’re not a fan of group discussions or therapy, but are looking instead for a better, personal understanding of the tools needed for a strong marriage, this retreat is your answer.

This getaway takes place at the Visitation Monastery and lasts 3 days, with a variety of dates for you to choose from on their website. For $180 per couple, all meals and lodging are provided, but snacks and toiletries from home are encouraged. Guided by a team of experienced married couples and their priest, these workshops center on exploring both your strengths and weaknesses in your marriage (or engagement), and ways for you to achieve your goals together, while improving your chances of obtaining a lifetime connection with your partner.

5) Morningstar Counseling & Consulting Retreat

Huntsville, Alabama

Not all couples feel comfortable addressing their issues in front of others, and that’s where Morningstar Counseling comes in.

Led by Dr. Sun Oberle, couples are given a safe, private environment to work on their relationship, under the instruction and supervision of a licensed marriage and family therapist.

The retreats are by appointment only, with prices varying depending on your needs, but are guaranteed to help you create a happier relationship with your spouse by focusing on relationship conflicts, healing past hurts, fostering healthy patterns in your marriage, and finding ways to manage life’s daily anxieties without letting your relationship suffer.

This is the best option for the private couple looking to recharge their marriage, without facing a group of strangers to do it.