Top 5 Couples’ Therapy Retreats in Nebraska

Marriage intensive retreats are very popular these days, as many couples seek to rejuvenate their relationship. Luckily, there are many retreat options available in Nebraska to help add that spark back into the marriage. Below are the top 5 marriage counselings available.

Osage Creek

Phone: 402-640-9527 Location: Martell

Osage Creek provides a safe haven for couples that need a break. They are currently offering a retreat for one to four
couples who are already friends, called the Oneness Weekend.

Taking place at Osage creek from Friday evening to Saturday, the Oneness Weekend allows couples to take part in one-to-one counseling and become better in tune with one another.

This session provides couples with strategies to protect their marriage, helping them to keep their bonds strong. Osage Creek is catered toward people holding Christian beliefs. Osage Creek do not currently have their prices posted on their site, so you have to contact them for further information.

Positive Beginnings Therapy Center

Phone: 402-306-4842 Location: Omaha

While this center does not offer a retreat, the owner, Cindy, runs a couples intensive package – a marathon therapy session designed for couples in a state of emergency.

This is comprised of a seven-hour day consisting of 300 minutes of therapy with a one hour lunch and several short breaks. The location can be neutral, such as a conference room as a local hotel, or in one of Cindy’s offices.

The sessions arm couples with powerful tools for a fresh restart to their relationship. A 50% deposit is required for the session at the time of scheduling; the cost of the couple’s intensive session is available upon request.

Marriage & Family Clinic

Phone: 402-486-3110 Location: Lincoln

The Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists (LMFTs) that work at the Marriage and Family Clinic are relationship
specialists, trained in helping married couples work through their issues.

They have a four-step process designed to help couples look past their differences, including improving communication skills and neutralizing negativity between them.

Pricing is available depending on the specific counselor upon request through their website.

Great Plains Counseling

Phone: 402-292-7712 Location: Bellevue

Run by Sherry Hubbard, the Great Plains Counseling center offers marriage counseling sessions for troubled couples. Sherry uses methods that have been proven to work, helping couples to change unhealthy patterns in their lives and build on a healthy relationship.

The aim is to transform conflicts into understanding, compassion and growth. The fees range from $130-$180 for a 50-60minute session. Some health insurance policies may cover this cost, however. There are also payment plans available to cover this cost.

Restoration Ministries

Phone: 308-784-4058 Location: Cozad

Restoration Ministries is run by a married couple, Roger and Brenda Daum. Married for 43 years, they know all the secrets about married life. The Daums use a religious approach to help resolve spiritual problems within the family.

This ministry is designed for people going through troubled times. There are couples counseling sessions available,
as well as seminars which couples can attend to learn how to strengthen their relationships. Again, this service does not currently have prices on their website, so contact them for more information.