Best Five Marriage Intensives in Nevada

Residents of Nevada can benefit from this list of the top 5 marriage intensive retreats in or nearby the state. You already have enough stress coming from your marriage or relationship. Let us help you find the help you need to best meet your desired goals.

1. Retrouvaille: A Lifeline for Married Couples

Location: Las Vegas and other varying locations
For couples on a budget, this is a perfect way to look for a way to rediscover your partner. The retreat takes a Catholic approach and is presented by other couples speaking from experiences and a Priest.
Perfect for troubled marriages or even those who have already separated, this weekend retreat will help you examine life with a new and positive outlook.
No couple is denied a reservation due to financial issues. Upon arrival, donations, no matter how big or small are requested from couples as well as the Retrouvaille community to cover costs.

2. Couples Therapy, Inc.

Location: Henderson, Nevada
This private one on one weekend retreat is ideal for those severely distressed couples, including those who have separated or already undergone divorce.
Dr. Scott Wolfe, PhD is a Master Trainer of Therapists with the Gottman Institute and will work with you on your choice of the available retreats.
The Gottman Mehod Couples Retreat requires couples to fill out an Assessment prior to meeting to develop the necessary therapeutic framework and interventions. The second is the Emotionally Focused Couples Retreat, looking at how human emotions are connected to human needs.
Emotions are adaptive and if worked through can provide positive interpersonal relationships. Cost estimates can be provided in a free consultation by calling 844-926-8753.

3. Center for Relationship Happiness

Location: 8440 W. Lake Mead Blvd, Suite 206
Las vegas, Nevada 89128
Located in Las Vegas, the heart of Nevada, Dr. D’Arcy Vanderpool has provided Services as a marriage and Family therapist since 1975. Private 2 day sessions are available with a beginning day of Thursday or Friday.
Many couples often utilize Dr. Vanderpool’s Services after undergoing an affair crisis or are at the brink of divoce and often don’t know where to turn. This retreat will allows you to zero in on the problem and come up with positive, workable solutions.
Dr. Vanderpool also focuses on communication, understanding each other’s relationship patterns, managing differences and goals, and being able to positivelz express feelings. a private 2 day retreat will run you about $2175/ couple and also inlcudes 2 follow on sessions to discuss progress 2 to 8 weeks later.

4. Healing Couple Retreat

Sonoma County, California
Located nearby Nevada residents, this is one retreat not to pass up on. If you are looking to heal from the emotional damage of affairs or other significant emotional wounds, working with John Grey, PhD might be just what you need. A 3 day retreat costs $8850/ couple, ecluding travel, meals and accomodation. What differentiates him from others is his proven scientific approach to human emotion. Dr. Grey uses psychobiological research to determine the root cause of underlying distress and coaches the couple on how to use tools to effectively find answers and fix issues.

5. SOS Private Couple Retreat

Green Valley Ranch Casino
Las Vegas, Nevada
Dr. Joe Whitcomb, PhD, MS, LMFT and Savannah Ellis, DBA, MBA, BSc, MPsy (clinical) are two highly trained Marriage and Family Therapists in Las Vegas. Working with couples with emotional distress, they offer 2 or 3 day retreat packages ranging from $5500 to $8000, including accomodation, brunch, lunch and afternoon drinks. From the webpage, it seems the only way to get information about availability is by contacting direct at The price can’t be beat, however for quality it might be best to choose one of the top retreats on this list.