Top 5 Marriage Intensive Retreats in Oklahoma

If you live in Oklahoma and feel like your marriage is out of control, we have put together a list of the top marriage retreats in or around the state of Oklahoma.

1. LIFE Marriage Retreat

Location: Texas Hill Country

Connect, Trust, and Communicate is the motto of this couple based marriage retreat. Gerry and Margo Dye have been working with couples for 10 years through the use of seminars, coaching, and classes. Join them in the scenic woods of Texas Hill Country for this 4-day retreat.

If you feel a chronic loss of trust, are consistently bickering, or feel as though you’ve fallen out of love then this is for you. Gerry and Margo work with you to determine the results you are seeking and how to create a long lasting relationship. Call (877) 376-7127 for a quote.

2. Weekend to Remember

Locations Vary Renaissance Tulsa Hotel and Convention Center 6808 S 107th East Ave Tulsa, Oklahoma 74133

Over 3 million couples have attended this 3 day retreat in varying locations around America. Instead of counselors, you will listen to seminars and talks on different aspects of marriage. It opens up on Friday with looking at the top reason marriages fail then goes into the factors that make communication difficult. At the end of each day there will be an assignment for you and your spouse to apply the taught principles. The whole weekend averages around $350 per couple, not including meals or accommodation, however the 97% success rate might just sway your decision.

3. Smalley Institute Marriage Retreat

Location: Dallas or Houston, Texas

If you are a couple striving to work on your marriage and feel like all hope is lost, work one on one with a Certified Marriage Coach and receive the tools/skills you need to build back up your relationship. It is personally tailored to the issues your relationship is facing and lasts for 2 8-hour days, optional third day. Learn how to recognize and prevent arguments before they occur. For a quote call 1-800-975-8748.

4. Marriage Encounter Weekend

Location: Double Tree by Hilton Hotel
Tulsa-Warren Place, 6110

SouthYale Avenue, Tulsa, Oklahoma

This retreat is specifically designed for couples who have been married for at least a couple of years and are looking to work on their relationship in a secluded environment amongst troubled couples.

This is not a counseling weekend, however a specially trained couple will present unique and dynamic presentations to encourage discussion between you and your partner in a secluded environment.

While it is presented from a Christian perspective, all faiths or lack of are welcome! Cost is a $75 non refundable registration fee and a pay it forward expectation to cover costs of hotel, meals and program.

5.Worldwide Marriage Encounter

January 26-28 2018

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

This is a Christian principle based retreat that will help married couples rediscover the initial spark in their relationship and feel they have lost their path towards God. During this weekend you will work with your spouse to gain a deeper intimacy, learn communication techniques to help during the hard
times, understand your spouse and have your spouse understand you. A $60 non refundable deposit is required at time of registration, however upon arrival only a donation, no matter how big or small, is requested from the couple to cover accommodation, food, and materials. You won’t be turned away if you have financial burdens.