5 Best Couples Marriage Intensive Retreats in Illinois

Whether you are married or not a private, confidential marriage intense retreat with a skilled couples therapist can help restore your relationship.

If you aren’t getting along with the very person that once meant the world to you, we suggest attending a weekend counseling retreat to save your marriage.

An intensive offers about 6 months of skilled help in a single weekend.  A typical retainer for a divorce attorney can run you as much as  $5,000. Instead of forking over that kind of money, why not invest in your relationship in the form of an intensive weekend therapy and stay together.

Finding a really good weekend intensive that’s directed by a highly skilled couples therapist used to be a toss up until we released a comprehensive list of The Best 50 Marriage Intensive Retreats in The U.S.

However we soon realized that not every couple can afford the cost of traveling to some of these more prominent retreats.

For that reason we have listed below some of best weekend therapy retreats in the state of Illinois.


1. Grey Matters International, Chicago, IL

Location: Chicago, IL Website: www.greymattersintl.com

Grey Matters International (GMI) is currently ranked #20 on our list of the top 50 marriage intensive Retreats in the U.S.

This is a practice led by Dr. Kevin Fleming, PhD. His warm and lighthearted approach has helped countless couples regain hope and strength in their marriages.

The retreats GMI offers are filled with eye opening discussions which target the sources of conflict as well as insightful assessments and instruction.

The retreats attempt to offer couples a way to feel safe and understood. His coaching style is relaxed and is often mentioned by previous clients as a very motivating and effective way of getting to the core issues.

He adds an element of humor and fun to his program so that couples can feel comfortable and truly enjoy the experience. The retreats are held in numerous cities around the US including Chicago, IL and even in other international cities around the world.

2. Safe Harbor Christian Counseling Intensives

Location: Chicago, IL Website: www.safeharbor1.com

For a couples intensive with a strong and faith-based Christian perspective, Safe Harbor Christian Counseling may be a good option. The Counseling Intensives offer a focused way of approaching your problems and your marriage with a new sense of understanding and awareness that is founded on principles which guide Christians in their faith.

The retreats are offered for half day, full day or two day options and each couple is given personalized treatment and a tailored program itinerary. Each couple begins the registration for a Counseling Intensive by submitting responses to in depth assessments which guide the marriage counseling specialists in creating a game plan for each couple to follow during the Intensive.

The marriage Intensives can be scheduled in or near your home but also are held in several locations including Chicago, Illinois. Erik Sundquist is the founder and the Director and he personally arranges the marriage Intensives according to your needs.

3. Ardent Counseling Center

Location: Illinois (statewide) Website: www.ardentcenter.com

With their unique approach which offers “couples bootcamps” to not only married couples but even unmarried couples in all phases of their relationships, Ardent Counseling Center is a trusted counseling practice that provides many other types of therapy for individuals, couples and families as well.

Another unique feature is that the retreats are offered both in person and in virtual format online. The bootcamps can also be extended in scope to focus on a family style bootcamp so that the entire family can benefit from treatment.

This program is very problem focused and is personalized for each individual couple. The retreats are one on one with one counselor per couple and can be scheduled to suit your availability.

4. Restarting Relationships

Location: Chicagoland, IL Website: www.restartingrelationships.com

Dr. Scott Terry, the founder of Restarting Relationships has been a licensed marriage and family therapist for more than 20 years. He brings his research and counseling methods to his unique style of couples counseling. His program includes a deep assessment of current issues which are then discussed in detail.

His personalized couples retreats are aimed to thoroughly cover the relationship from all angles and analyze the areas that are impacted by the conflict. Each program workshop will also include video recordings of the sessions so you can replay them when you need to refer back to a particular training tool or insight from the retreat. It can be scheduled for a two day, one day or number of successive hourly sessions at your preference.

The Restarting Relationships programs can take place in either Chicago or Chicagoland, Illinois or even at your own home. The cost is $200 per hour but this fee can also be based on a sliding scale depending on your income.

5. Chicago Relationship Center

Location: Highland Park and Evanston, IL Website: www.chicagorelationshipcenter.com

Lastly, the Chicago Relationship Center in Chicago offers several different programs for couples who generally fall into one of two categories: those seeking to enhance their marriage or those who are in serious need of relationship help.

The Center offers Gottman Weekend Couples Workshops which give couples a thorough coaching on using the right tools to empower themselves, their relationship and each other. The program is based on work with more than 3000 couples, over 40 years of research and has a 86% success rate.

It also has been shown that the weekend workshops are the equivalent to about six months of traditional counseling. The Chicago Relationship Center serves the entire Chicago metropolitan region and its city outskirts as well.

Now that you have an idea of the range of programs available to you and your spouse, we encourage to consider the benefits that you both can gain by registering for a retreat that is most appealing to your needs and your goals.

Marriages are a vital and valuable union which is always worth the extra effort and extra nurturing Marriage Intensive Retreats can give you the tools to help you and your spouse realize your shared goals and more. Remember that sometimes even marriages need a little maintenance work and with guidance and the proper tools, you and your spouse can begin to recover your marriage and live in love again.