We Review And List The Top 5 Couples Intensive Retreat in Arizona

Every marriage eventually goes through some sort of turmoil caused by an inevitable stressor. Intensive retreats give couples the opportunity to leave all those stressors behind and focus on fixing what’s wrong with their marriage.

There are many options to consider when it comes to finding the perfect fit for you and your spouse. Lucky for you, we did the hard part for you.

After compiling a detailed list of  The Best 50 Marriage Intensive Retreats in The U.S., we realized that some couples because of finances and other obstacles would rather go to a retreat closer to home in their own state.

For that reason we decided to put together a list of the top 5 weekend marriage intensives in the state of Arizona.

1) Sedona Soul Adventures

Location: Sedona, Arizona
Company Website: www.sedonasouladventures.com
Length: 3-5 days

Sedona Soul Adventure, who is ranked #4 on our comprehensive list of the Top 50 Marriage Counseling Retreat in The U.S is arguably one of the best couples retreat in the state of Arizona.

Soul Adventure was founded by Debra Stangl who was originally a divorce lawyer. Debra and the rest of the practitioners focus on a spiritual holistic approach to therapy.

These practitioners specialize in Bodywork, Breathwork, Chakra Balancing, and much more. Not only does Soul Adventures utilize holistic practices; the center is located in the middle of a huge energy vortex which helps to align the emotional and spiritual bodies of the couples.

Soul Adventure does a great job of making sure their potential clients are properly informed by providing an Angel Guide.

These guides are the first line of communication for potential couples. Once an Angel Guide is reached, a long conversation will determine which specific sessions is right for the couple.

Soul Adventures also provides their clients with VIP service through the Retreat Coordinator. The Coordinator handles every detail of the couples stay from transportation to lodging.

2)Crossroads Counseling

Location: North Phoenix, Arizona
Company Website: www.counselingphoenixscottsdale.com
Length of Retreat: 1-3 days

Crossroads takes a different approach to solving marital problems by implementing Christian marriage counseling. This counseling uses common therapeutic techniques but also focuses on fixing marriages from a Christian faith perspective. Once of the original founders of Crossroads, Travis Frye, is on staff at this Crossroads location.

He is accompanied by 3 other therapists and other support staff. The length of the retreat depends on what option you as a couple choose. There are 3 different options when it comes to selecting a private session with an available therapist.

Each of these options include 75 minute sessions with a therapist; but they differ in the scheduling and break options.There is also an option for couples who do not want to have a private session. Crossroads offers a Group Weekend Intensive which allows you and your spouse to enjoy a therapeutic weekend of meaningful counseling with up to 5 other couples.

Another great thing about Crossroads is the fact that they are more concerned about saving your marriage, than making a profit off you. They understand that finances can be tight sometimes so they offer half-day intensives for private and group sessions to help alleviate some of the stress that comes with the price.

Crossroads also makes sure that the couples who come to them are well taken care of and well informed. They offer a free 20 minute phone consultation to couples considering participating in a retreat to discuss details and prices.

3)Spirit Quest

Location: Sedona, Arizona
Company Website: www.retreatsinsedona.com
Length: 2-14 days

Spirit Quest is an intensive retreat that focuses on holistic health treatment through connecting Mind, Body, and Soul. Some examples of their counseling styles are: using salt lamps to bring emotional balance, Sound Healing, massages, and Color Therapy.

Spirit Quest was founded by Katherine Lash after traveling throughout third world countries learning their healing techniques.Katherine is joined by 16 other practitioners who all have their own take on healing.

Spirit Quest is located in a beautiful location surrounded by famous vortex sites. A perk when it comes to Spirit Quest in having the option to pay in payments. This is especially helpful for those couples who do not have the funds to attend a retreat.

The pricing for Spirit Quest differs depending on many different factors; however, the price is usually between $595-$3500 (which does not include food).

A very convenient feature Spirit Quest provides is Lifeline and Skype iota’s for counseling sessions. This is a great feature that makes it even more affordable for couples to have the opportunity to work on their marriage.

4)The Sagebrush Center for Relationship Therapy

Location: Scottsdale, Arizona
Company Website: www.relationshipgarden.com
Length:1-2 days

Sagebrush Center was founded by Laura Marsha who utilizes Imago therapy, which is focused on the energy or space between a couple, in her pursuit to help couples create the relationship of their dreams.

Laura also uses the insight of the couple’s current therapist (if the couples has one) to fast track her knowledge surrounding the couples and provide a collaborative approach.

One of the many things that Sagebrush provides is individualized therapies specifically targeted at different types of families such as: LGBTQ, Veterans, Interracial, and couples healing from infidelity. Sagebrush also understand that couples live in different economic standings which is why their service prices are based on family income.

5) Couple Enrichment

Location: Retreat Locations across Canada, but can travel to Arizona if available
Company Website: www.couple-enrichment.com
Length: 3 days

Couple Enrichment was founded by Louise Dorfman and David Rubinstein. They are married co-therapists who have been together for over 44 year.

They focus on The Couple Enrichment Approach while utilizing couple-to-couple counseling. The Couple Enrichment Approach focuses on ongoing learning and practice throughout the relationship; not just a quick fix. Their couple-to-couple counseling is something that is very different then most other retreats.

In a couple-to-couple session both therapists and both partners are in the room during the session which helps to create a balanced counseling environment. During the retreats, the duo provides therapy to struggling couples for up to 4 hours a day; which leaves the rest of the day for the couple to spend time together without all of life’s worries weighing them down.

Couple Enrichment also provides many payment options to make the retreat as affordable as possible. Prices are based on the couple’s needs and financial capabilities, and they also provide payment options without interest to alleviate some of the financial pressure.

When deciding on a therapy route for you and your partner it is important to consider both partner’s needs. It is a hard choice; however, making the effort to seek help for your relationship is really the first step to fixing it.