Best 5 Marriage Intensives in South Dakota

Marriage is a partnership, and like any partnership, it can sometimes prove intensely difficult. Having a partner whom you love can often help you through the most stressful situations of your life, but if you and your love are not seeing eye to eye, then stress can become amplified, and relationships can falter.

A common mistake that married people make is assuming that love should be easy, and that if it is not, then it is not truly love. Like anything worthwhile in life, love takes hard work.

Luckily, we have scoured the South Dakota area and come up with the top 5 South Dakota marriage intensive retreats in order to take some of that hard work out of repairing your marriage. Read on in order to refresh your partnership, and fall back in love with being in love.

Top 5 South Dakota Marriage Intensive Retreats

5. A Marriage Encounter Weekend of Discovery:

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God Loves Marriage is a Lutheran organization that offers relationship retreats worldwide, in order to encourage communication and restore marriages across the globe. The South Dakota branch of GLM offers a weekend in stunning Sioux Falls.

The retreat includes hotel lodgings, daily meals, and a chance to spend some much needed rejuvenation time with your partner. The Marriage Encounter Weekend takes couples through 44 hours of education on gentle and effective communication techniques that are proven to improve relationships.

For a scenic, luxurious weekend with an injection of faith, this Weekend of Discovery is a great South Dakota marriage intensive retreat option.

4. Backroads Inns & Cabins:

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This retreat is more DIY than regimented. Couples who are looking to reinvigorate their marriage, but are not keen on involving third parties in their personal lives, may wish to take a trip to the scenic Echo Valley.

Cozy cabins nestled in nature provide partners with the perfect location to de-stress and focus on each other. Through hiking, building fires, and distancing themselves from the chaos and distractions of the everyday, couples may find that this do it yourself repair is the perfect South Dakota marriage intensive retreat.

3. Marriage Enrichment Retreat:

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LifeWorks recognizes that nearly half of people who marry get divorced, and they seek to remedy this statistic through their South Dakota marriage intensive retreats.

The Marriage Enrichment Retreat is a couples’ weekend spent in the county connecting¬† and growing, and most importantly, having fun. During the weekend, couples will spend some much needed away from home time, and will
relearn how to allow both of them to feel empowered, understood, and loved.

By the end of the fun filled weekend, couples leave with a renewed sense of their marriage, and a rediscovery of that love that first brought them together.

2. WELS:

WELS is an adult discipleship that offers spiritual and educational retreats across America. The difference is that WELS allows you to dictate your own retreat: simply log on to the WELS website and click on “Plan a Weekend”, and WELS will help you to set up your very own, personalized South Dakota marriage intensive retreat.

The ability to choose what works best for you makes this marriage intensive one of the best South Dakota has to offer.

1. Weekend to Remember:

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Family Life’s Weekend to Remember is the number one South Dakota marriage intensive retreat, and that’s because it capitalizes on what matters most: “conflicts resolve quickly, adventures happen together, and sex is on point”.

Family Life’s laid back, open approach to mending marriage allows partners to feel comfortable and relaxed while working through difficult issues.

The weekend doesn’t require couples to share any personal information with anyone; it simply focuses on allowing the partners to rediscover each other through learning tools and, most importantly fun.