Top 5 Marriage Counseling Retreats in DC

“When we deny the story, it defines us. When we own the story, we can write a brave new ending” – Brené Brown

When a couple is caught in a crisis, many questions run through their minds. How did we get here? Where did the love go? What happened to being best friends?

In order to begin looking into and answering these and other questions, couples need to delve deeper into the underlying issues that could have built up over time and turned into a difficult situation they cannot handle by themselves.

For couples who are unable to resolve their conflicts, negative patterns in their behavior and communication are a major hindrance to getting the help and solutions needed to ease out their situation, and instead aggravates the problem.

However, help is always available and around, but the couple needs to reach out for this assistance as the next step upon admission of the problem.

We put together our top 5 couples counseling spots in DC to help you on your quest for healing and restoration. If your marriage is in crisis mode, we recommend a more intense and immersive counseling format in the form of a couples retreat.

You can view our list of the top 50 marriage therapy retreat in the U.S. for really “off the cliff” type of marital situations.

Safe Harbor Christian Counseling

Location: Baltimore, DC

This is a faith based center that offers counseling based on biblical principles. Although you may already know the telltale signs of a crisis in marriage, the center offers a marriage checkup assessment to gauge where you’re at.

Therapists walk with the couples through the assessment phase to help them identify their relationship goals and map out an action plan to meet those goals. Couples Intensives is a special program that meets the emotional and financial needs of each couple.

These take about one to two days, during which the counselor holds sessions with the couple as they work on assignments given to them. The goal of the intensives is to increase intimacy on all levels, emotional, physical and spiritual.

LaFleur Counseling

Location: Washington, DC

If you are struggling with insecurity, anxiety, depression and repeated unhealthy patterns in your relationship, you may want to visit LaFleur Counseling center in Washington DC.

Couples whose marriages suffer from deep and hurtful issues such as betrayal, lack of trust, physical abuse and fighting, can give themselves the wonderful gift of a happier and healthier relationship.

The center is the brainchild of Joseph LaFleur, a licensed psychotherapist, with over 10 years in counseling practice. If you’d like to skip the retreat and visit the counseling center, then LaFleur is a good option for you and your partner.

Sandy Cove Ministries

Sandy Cove was formed with the purpose to help people get closer and connect with God, and each other for a transformed life. Founded in 1946, it has changed lives through various events such as camps and conferences. Sandy Cove offers Fan the Flame’ Marriage Intensives for couples seeking to give their marriage another try at making it work.

The intensives are held at the Chesapeake Lodge, taking up to five married couples per session and up to 15 hours of personalized attention, 2 nights of lodging, meals and a follow up program. The three day intensives are intimate and personalized sessions to help the couple identify and address their specific needs.

Men who attend the program have shown higher levels of satisfaction in Sandy Cove’s group format, compared to the individual sessions. A schedule of the dates and locations of the workshops are available on their website.

Marriage Dynamics

Couples looking for a workshop setting can find help through the Marriage Dynamics Institute’s program dubbed A New Beginning’. This is a weekend program designed to assist couples who need a turn-around in their marriage, and are battling frustration, or considering divorce. The institute boasts a success rate of three out of every four couples attending the program choosing to say married after the workshops, while those who don’t recommend the workshop to others, citing wonderful tools, life-changing insights and skills gained in the process.


This is an educational seminar program for couples seeking to rekindle their love, and find restoration for their marriages, based on thirty years of research on how to handle and deal with marital problems or crises. The program was started by Rabbi Stephen Baars, a marriage counselor with over 20 years of experience, who developed an effective program based on research with a touch of humor, which uses simple solutions to dealing with various marital issues. Through their Healthy Marriages initiative, BLISS has increased awareness on the importance of healthy marriages while offering seminars to the community.