Top 5 Marriage Intensive Retreats in Utah

Do you live in or around Utah, feel like your marriage or relationship is falling apart and don’t know how to begin to fix it? We have listed the top marriage retreats in Utah to help you and your partner get back on track and come out stronger than ever.

1. Life Institute for Family Excellence

Location: Sundance, Utah Mountain Cabin
Company Website:

This 4-day Program is located an hour away from Salt Lake City in the scenic Sundance, Utah. Get lost in the woods and gaze at the beautiful waterfalls as you work with Gerry & Margo Dye, who have had 10 years of experience providing classes, seminars, and coaching distressed couples.

Prices range from $3895 to $4395 so you can enjoy staying in a first class suite, all meals, couples’ activities, training, counseling, and even a post retreat program.

This retreat is perfect for those who feel a loss of trust or relationship dissatisfaction, inability to communicate and problem solve, and “falling out of love.” For this all inclusive price, this will certainly give you quality sessions without emptying your wallet. Call 1-877-376-7127 for a quote tailored to your needs.

2. Marriage Reboot- A Limitless Connection Retreat TBD Utah County

During this 2-day retreat couples will be working with Anthony and Marianne Denovellis. They understand the issues and perils that can arise from a relationship and have put together their experiences and what they have learned through various retreats to create this program.

Sometimes knowing there are other couples out there going through the things you are feeling and seeing their success can help motivate even the most distressed couple. At the low price of $447 you will work on communication, enhance your intimacy (sexual and non) and explore what drives actions in marriage. Location will be determined closer to the date.

3. “Hold me Tight” 2-day Marriage Workshop

Provo Springhill suites 1580 Freedom Blvd 200 West Provo, Utah 84604

This 2-day marriage intensive retreat is led by Dr. Jeremy S. Boden, PhD, LMFT and is based on the book series “Hold Me Tight” to help couples enhance their marriage. Through 8 sessions of presentations by workshop leaders, private exercises, videos of couples, and communicating with your partner, you will come out having a better understanding of each other and knowledge on how to cope with problems. Prices range from $349 to $425.

4. Aspen Grove Marriage Weekend Getaway

9521 N. Alpine Loop Rd Provo, Utah 84604

Brad Wilcox, PhD has an extensive background in education and leads this 2-day retreat through a series of educational lectures on marriage and an assortment of recreational activities and programs. Your package will include all meals and accommodation in the stunning Aspen setting making it hard not to fall in love again.

5. Worldwide Marriage Encounter

TBD-SLC 1212 Anywhere Dr Salt Lake City, Utah 84104

This is a Christian principle based retreat that will help married couples rediscover the initial spark in their relationship and feel they have lost their path towards God. During this weekend you will work with your spouse to gain a deeper intimacy, learn communication techniques to help during the hard times, understand your spouse and have your spouse understand you.

A $60 non refundable deposit is required at time of registration, however upon arrival only a donation, no matter how big or small, is requested from the couple to cover accommodation, food, and materials. You won’t be turned away if you have financial burdens.